Tuesday Training (5)

If you hate training posts, check out the first few days of my hike to Everest base camp.  Otherwise, read on McDuff! Also, whether you do or don't like training posts, can you please send some well wishes towards my parents, who are in the middle of a pretty nasty forest fire right now!? I appreciate it.


And now onto the training recap!

Week 1 - 4
Week 5 - 8
Week 9 - 11
Week 12 - 13

Week 14: This week I still had trouble getting motivated. I was really, really not feeling like running. It was a struggle to get out the door. Every day. However, as usual, once I went and did it, I felt fine. Also, my pace was faster than it had been the week before, when I ran more miles, but at a much slower pace.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday:  Rest
Wednesday: 7 miles @ 9:29 pace (run with Dad)
Thursday: 5.5 miles @ 8:28 pace
Friday: 10 miles @ 8:37 pace
Saturday: 13.1 miles @ 9:01 pace (Bad Bass Half)
Sunday: Rest

Total Miles Week 14: 36

Week 15: After asking for your advice the other day, I decided to flip this week with week 16, which meant a low mileage week this week and the 57 mile week for week 16 (the week of the Ultra). Not only that, but I even decided to skim a few off Hal's suggested mileage. I only ran three days, which is two less than normal. It felt good physically, but super, super lazy mentally. It's still hard not to feel like I am wasting time or being lazy when I am not running! However, my 13 mile run on Saturday felt great! It was also about a 2200 ft elevation gain, but I was really feeling good, the weather was cooperating and my feet just kept moving! I need more of these runs!

Monday: Cross-Train -- 1.5 hours of painting
Tuesday: 12 miles @ 11:07 pace (trail run)
Wednesday: Cross-Train -- 1.5 hours of painting
Thursday: 7 miles @ 8:14 pace
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 13.1 miles @ 8:25 pace
Sunday: Rest

Total Miles Week 15: 32

The verdict? I think 18 weeks is too long for a training program (my last one was 12 but was added to a half marathon base). I am not feeling very much in love with the idea of running right now. I still love it once I get into it, but it's been really hard to get motivated to get out and do it. I also notice that even my faster paces are not fast enough. In order to get a 3:30 marathon, I need an 8 minute pace. For 26 (point two!) miles.

So, next up for this week? I have the Ultra on Sunday, which is a 50k, so I plan to have three shorter runs this week, giving me a total of 4 runs and somewhere around 50-60 miles. Then it's taper time for the Santa Rosa Marathon!

Ha! Something to make you laugh? I put my best half marathon time into the McMillan Pace Calculator, and, according to that, I should be able to run this weekend's 50k in 4 hours and 15 minutes. At a pace of 8:13. Um, I am sorry Mr. McMillan, but you need an elevation factor in that equation! Can you imagine running 30 hilly miles at an 8 minute pace? No? Me neither. Good luck with that.

Have you used the McMillan calculator? What kind of natural disasters have you been through where you live? Do you count painting as cross training?


  1. I haven't used a McMillan calculator but my coaches use the Oregon Pace Wizard to determine what our paces should be for tempo work and long runs. We do a 2 mile time trial and then they plug that into the calculator. I honestly don't believe it, though. I SUCK at running 2 miles fast. I did it last year, plugged the results into the calc, and nearly cried when it predicted a half time that was WAY slower than my PR. So I disregarded it and trained for my goal. Same thing happened this year. I did the trial last night. It sucked. I sucked. It predicted a 4:27 marathon. So 5 minutes slower than 2010 when I was a much weaker runner. So once again I am just ignoring those results and training for my goal (which I haven't fully decided on but I am training for a 4:00 but will likely have a goal of 4:10 or 4:15...)

    Anyways, rambling comment! 18 weeks might be too long for you since you did come in with a very very strong base! You could probably do 12. I think most of those programs are designed for people who have been running lower mileage!

  2. Oh my gosh a forest fire?! I hope everyone/everything is ok! That's so scary, especially when it's right in your backyard or the backyard of someone you love!

  3. I like the McMillan calculator for shorter distances and they seem relatively 'on' for me but yeah, 50K wouldn't really calculate very well. Hope the forest fire gets under control soon. My brother-in-law works for DNR and often does rounds every year or two to help with forest fires out west.

  4. I like the Mcmillan calculator, but it tells you what you can train for, not what you can expect based on your current training. It told me I could run a 3:20 marathon once, and my attempt at that came out at 3:54. What I do like is that they give you suggested training paces for long runs, tempo runs, intervals, easy runs, etc. That comes in really handy.

  5. Praying for your parents!

    I've never heard of those calculators, but my goals are still super broad... like finish a race with a smile. Or just finish in general! ha! ;)

  6. I'll be praying for your parents. I have been through a couple of small earthquakes, but nothing major. Yes, painting is crosstraining. I always get really sweaty and my arms get really tired and sore.

  7. Wow...you are inspiring! And I will be sending lots of positive vibes your family's way...can't think of much that is scarier than a forest fire!

  8. Prayers to your parents. I hope the fire is controlled soon.

    Good luck this weekend. It sounds like your hilly training runs are getting you ready for the ultra. So exciting!!!

    I've tried the McMillan calculator and I always get a little confused.

  9. I love that you counted painting as cross training, it definitely is!! I use McMillian a lot and usually find to to be pretty accurate, but that 30k time is insane. Can't wait to hear about your experience!

  10. I would totally count painting as cross training. I can't wait to hear how the ultra goes!

  11. Keeping your parents in my thoughts and prayers!

    You are very well prepared for the ultra and I am sure all of your training is going to pay off this weekend!


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