Oh Dear

Dear Saturday -- I can't wait to see you. It seems like it has been so long since we hung out. Please pick me up a good book and some nice weather before you stop by my house.

Dear Popcorn -- I haven't seen you in years, but for some reason, you popped into my life just when I needed you. I have been glad to share my last few evenings with you. Your friend salt ain't bad either. See you again tomorrow!

Dear San Francisco -- You have been so clear lately. It has been a joy to look over at you and see your hills and your blue water and your bridges. You make me very happy.

Dear Garden Zucchini -- Where are your friends? I have been told that you never travel alone and to beware, as you can quickly become overwhelming, but right now there is only one of you. I can't wait to get this party started.

Dear Neighbor Who Was Out Watering His Lawn the Other Day -- You said good morning to the guy getting into the Honda, but when I walked by and said good morning to you, you mumbled several things that sounded like curse words under your breath and turned away. Did I do something to offend you?

Dear Unnamed Dog -- Please don't poop on my lawn. It's gross. If you really must however, do it on the neighbor who was watering his lawn's lawn.

Dear Dog Owner -- Please pick up your dog poop. I am tired of having to duck and dodge it when I am running on the sidewalk or when I am getting my newspaper from my own yard.

Dear Running -- We have not been very good friends lately. Maybe it's time we gave each other a little space. Maybe it's time to see other fitness methods for a while and see how we feel in a couple of months.

Dear Marathon -- You scare me. You are big and you are hot and you are way stronger than me. I am not sure I would win if I fought you. Please play nice.

Dear Wine -- Will you go out with me? On Friday night? Can we make it a threesome? I have a glass who is very interested in meeting you. 

Dear Facebook Friend -- Yes, your baby is very cute. But I do NOT need to see a bazillion photos of the baby. I also do not need a status update about the baby every 4.5 minutes. Let it be cute once a week; that would make you a better friend in my opinion. 

Dear Current Books -- I am sorry, but I am just not that into you.

Who do you want to write a letter to today? 


  1. Ha, the zucchini one makes me smile. I hope his friends show up soon. Here are mine:

    Dear Weather: Thank you for cooling the heck down. I'm less cranky so those around me say thank you as well.

    Dear Hills: Thanks for not killing me yesterday for a change. I actually felt strong after running up and down you multiple times.

    Dear Patio Garden: I don't know what I am doing wrong but you are not thriving. :/

  2. Cute! I love popcorn so much that my dog now loves it we sit and share a bowl for dinner while watching a movie sometimes :-) Ok I don't actually let her eat out of the bowl she sits pretty until I toss her a piece.

  3. Dear Stomach, fix yourself before you wreck yourself.

  4. I love this post! Mmm, love popcorn too... might have to make some tonight. Sorry you're feeling blah about running- I took most of July to do other things and am feeling so refreshed and ready to run again. A break can definitely be a good thing!

  5. Bwahaha! The threesome with wine is totally hot! Also, I totally empathize with that letter to the dear FB friend.

  6. Ha, I love these letters, especially the threesome one. =)Me thinks your watering-the-lawn neighbor has a crush on the getting-into-the-Honda neighbor. It's really the only explanation. Oh and popcorn? YES!!

  7. Love this. Popcorn = awesome. My dog knows the popcorn plan too and will join me for some snacks.

    Dear knee: I'm trying to make your supporting muscles stronger, please let them help you.

  8. You don't need to be so scared of the marathon. just take it one mile at a time and you will knock it down. especially after finishing the ultra. that's ultra confident.

  9. Love it! I have been feeling the same way about running:( ugh! Sorry about the rude neighbor. I hope your friend wine can hang out tonight:)

  10. LOL. Love these.

    Running and I are on a bit of a break right now too. It's been refreshing to sleep in in the mornings or do yoga or crossfit instead!

  11. Love this!! I want to write a letter to my running shoes and my blender.

  12. my zucchini is the same darn one, one lone zucchini and nothing else!

  13. I feel like writing a letter to you haha.

    Dear Kyria, have I told you to read The Kindness of Strangers yet? It came out back in 2006, so maybe you have read it already, but if not, it's a good one!

    If you do decide to take a break from running, (and maybe you should after a back to back 50km and Marathon), might I suggest swimming. Henry and I have taken up the sport in the name of signing up for a tri in the spring (hopefully we stay dedicated) and we are both having so much fun and feeling super good afterwards. It's a great full body workout, doesn't feel as intense of a workout as it actually is, and is super fun. Give it a go!

    And thanks a lot for mentioning popcorn. We have been pretty tight the last few days, but we had decided to call it quits for awhile, at least until you brought up his name and now I am not so sure :)

    And finally, I loved this style of blog post. A short and sweet way to get a lot of things off your chest.



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