Then and Now: August

August is a month of family and friends and times spent outdoors! I have had most weekends filled, and it's been exhausting, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have been lucky to see several family members not once, but twice in one month, when we often don't see each other more than the once a year at Christmas. I also cooked a lot, ran a lot and read a little. So, lets see how it adds up against last year, shall we?

The Who: 

My favorite comparison is this little lady.  
Her birthday is in August, and I've been lucky to spend both of them with her!

Last year I spent time with co-workers in MO, I went to baseball games in St. Louis with Dad and I hung out with family and friends at home. 

This year, it was more family, including a wedding where the boys got kilted up. 
Then there was lots of hiking with H and good times in Santa Rosa with family after the marathon.

The What:

Foods and Recipes
Last year I made my favorite easy blackberry cobbler from fresh picked berries. This year it was zucchini chocolate chip muffins from my garden haul. I ate three the first day. I just noticed I post a lot of desserts and not so much "food". I swear I am actually NOT a sweet junkie!

Running miles
2011: 94 / 2012: 132

Last year I was training for the City of Roses Half and the Women Run the Cities 10 miler, where I met up with Lisa in MN for the weekend, so I logged a good amount of miles. This year I logged slightly more, mostly because of the two long races I did, not because my regular runs were that frequent.  

2011: 0 / 2012: 4

Over half my miles were run in races. There was the Run With Jess Virtual Olympics, Suz's Wounded Warrior Virtual Half, The Skyline 50k and the Santa Rosa Marathon, for a total of 80 miles of racing!

2011: 6 / 2012: 4

This month has not been a huge reading month for me. As the photos and numbers above show, I have been doing other things. That's okay because soon the fog will set in and I will have plenty of time to read! Last year's favorite read was A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Did you know I had seen dozens of versions of movies (my favorite of course: The Muppets) but had never read the book!? This year's August favorite was

The Where: 

I have been loving where I am living lately. In 2011, I was in Missouri and it was great, but it was hot. All those miles I put in were in 90 degree heat with icky humidity. This year, I have been very lucky to be near the sea, where the breezes are cool and the water is blue and it's rarely gotten over 75 degrees. I love it. The best place to spend an August is in the Bay Area! 

San Francisco, Santa Cruz, St. Louis, Dog Rock (CA)
I am sad to see the summer go, but I gladly welcome September, and am looking forward to Autumn! Hello apples and boots and books! I can't wait!

Where was your favorite place that you went this month?  Do you find that you are more or less active in the summer?


  1. Fun comparisons--time flies! I am maybe a tad more active in summer due to marathon training but I stay consistent year 'round.

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  3. I am definitely far more active in the summer. Mostly because I tend to train for fall races. And it's my break from CFA studying, so I have way more time to log the miles (I ran just shy of 150 this month!!).

    My favorite place I went this month was the weekend I spent at my parents' lake home. The weather was cold that weekend, which I actually kind of liked as I did not feel guilty laying around and reading/relaxing. And I got to wear a sweatshirt and drink (decaf) coffee with my parents on their front porch. It was so relaxing and restorative and wonderful.

  4. My son recommended "the perks of being a wallflower" several years ago when he was in college. a GREAT read.

    My favorite place this month? I'm in NYC visiting my son right now - eating, running (at sea level = woohoo!) and heading the US Open tomorrow. Any time I spend with my wonderful son (no matter the location) is my favorite. But I have to admit I love that he's been living in this great city.

  5. Love the running near the ocean and enjoying the wonderful weather. Can't believe August is ending already.

  6. Both of those recipes look amazing. Too bad I just used up all my zucchini.... My favorite place that I went this month was to the Boston Commons to see a production of Coriolanus with my two closest friends from grad school, my best friend from my two years in MN, and their partners and some of their friends. It was awesome.

  7. I always welcome autumn, even after a great summer. There is just something so comforting about the fall season.

  8. I *love* A Christmas Carol. My favorite version is the old George C. Scott one. I've seen it so often I know all the intonations of the actors as they speak the lines, and hear them when I re-read the book.

    I'm looking forward to fall!

  9. Isn't St. Louis one of the best places to catch a baseball game? (GO CARDINALS!!!) Just saying... =)


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