Shoot the Breeze

I went to a friend's house last weekend for her daughter's 2nd birthday party. The good thing about 2nd birthdays is that the kid doesn't care if there are other kids there or if it's just an excuse for all of Mom and Dad's friends to get together at a party with a Mickey Mouse theme and eat cupcakes and shoot the breeze. My friend's parents and her husband's parents were also there. We had a great time hanging out and I even wore a dress, just for fun. I am normally a pants wearer; I have an aversion to my own knees. So this was a big deal.

Here are some of the conversations that were floating around. They will be A and I will be Me.

A: You look nice. What's the occasion?
Me: It's 104 degrees in your neck of the woods. (it was 75 in Oakland)
A: I know; that's why I am not wearing a shirt and I am sweating and I am downing beers like it's going out of style.
Me: Oh? That's why? I just thought that was your normal Saturday style.
A: Actually, it is.

A: So you have a race tomorrow?
Me: Yep
A: How far is it?
Me: 50k
A: (quizzical look on face) How far is that?
Me: 31 miles
A: (shocked look on face) 31 Miles? How long will that take?
Me: About 6 hours
A: (incredulous look on face) 6 hours! That's crazy!
(as I secretly agree and start to doubt why the heck I am doing this race)

A: So you must eat really healthy since you run so much
(as I am stuffing my face with my third coconut toasted cupcake in less than 5 minutes in the name of "carb loading")

A: My niece ran a marathon in Hawaii. You should do that one. I am not sure how far her marathon was though. Maybe yours is longer.

On Sunday, I ran the race. All 31 miles of it. I did not die. I will do a recap later. All I can say right now is:

Dear Toilet -- Were you always so low? I think you should be about 2 feet taller so I can stand up and don't have to bend my knees to use you.

Dear Belly -- When are you going to stop crying out for food? You are insatiable.

Dear Feet -- I am deeply sorry. I have abused you greatly. Will you ever forgive me?

How was your weekend? Do you ever have weird conversations (about running or anything else) with your friends' families? Do you have any "dear" questions for anyone today?


  1. You should have included a photo of you in your dress!!

    I think the funniest conversation I have had recently was when I took a friend's kids to their summer program and explained that I had ran a race right by their school (actually it was the 10 mile race we did last September). Here was my convo with the 5 year old:

    Me: Hey, I did a 10 mile race that went right by your school!
    Mimi: On foot?
    Me: Yes, on foot... I've also ran a marathon which is 26.2 miles
    ... silence...
    Mimi: Did you win?
    Me: Um, no you have to be really really fast to win a race.
    Mimi: (with a disappointed voice) Oh... Well, what place did you come in?

    Ha. I tried to explain that thousands did the race. They were still just not very impressed that I hadn't won. I have also had people refer to 10ks or half marathons as marathons, which drives me crazy! Can't wait to read your race recap. I was thinking of you yesterday!!

  2. Wow--congrats! I would be headlining that in a big way! Can't wait to hear all about it.

    And yes, there's a very clueless, but well-meaning, group of people out there when it comes to running!

  3. I'm insanely impressed.
    And also feeling like if I ran for six hours my legs would fall off halfway through and I'd just be a torso.

  4. I was hoping there would be a picture of you in this dress!

    Congratulations on surviving the 50K! I can't wait to read the recap. Don't hate me but when we replaced our toilet I chose one that sits up higher. Allan hates it because he has short legs but I'm in love.

  5. I love the kids birthday parties. They are actually tons of fun for the adults. There were plenty of other vegans on my beach trip this weekend and we were all stuffing down sausages and bacon like it was normal. too funny!

    So you finished the ultra? Great! Congrats! Now the marathon will be easy by comparison.

  6. You can't just throw it out there that you wore a dress and not include a picture!!! Great job on finishing your 50k!!! That's awesome!!!!

  7. Yay, Kyria! Congrats on completing your first 50k!! Can't wait to hear more about it- and I remember that feeling about the toilet sitting so low to the ground. Recover well this week!

  8. 50k? That's incredible. Nice job. I've had weird conversations like that before. I always end up just smiling and nodding and laughing to myself.

  9. Holy moly, you are awesome! I'm glad you survived the 50k, and congrats!

  10. Congrats!! You inspire me to keep going for my fall 50K. I can't wait to hear all about it!

  11. sounds like a nice and fun Saturday and I cant wait to hear about your Sunday! you rock!!

  12. Now I am extra excited for my nieces 2nd bday party in a few weeks! Unfortunately, I don't have the carb loading for a 50km race excuse when cupcake time arrives. Good one though :) And a HUGE congrats on completing your race, you crazy thing!

  13. You are a rockstar! I can't believe I've been so slow to get over here and wish you congratulations!!! I was thinking about you this weekend and then just got all self-absorbed and then where did the time go?

    Congratulations.. I see your next post has more details, I'm off to read it now.


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