Weekend Activities

Last weekend was a crazy busy one. The last weekends of summer are upon us and everyone is trying to cram everything in while they can! I had two great days with family and friend filled events on each one.

Friday night included drinks out with friends at the Pier 23 cafe in San Francisco.  They were giving away free samples of Air, which is a beer mixed with carbonated water. It was gross. I was not compensated to say that.

Saturday started early with a really nice walk with a friend in the morning. After that, it was my grandma's 80th birthday party. She is my father's mother. My father is one of six kids, each with kids and some of them with kids! In addition to that, there were several cousins, step this and thats, in-laws and other friends of the family. I think all in all we were maybe 50, maybe more. It was held in the North Bay Area, in a park where there was a fabulous view of the city across the bay. We ate WAY too much food, but I did it in the name of carb-loading. A perk of being a runner? Everything is in the name of "carb-loading".

My favorite part of the party? My cousin made us color coordinated name tags. I was wearing a yellow shirt. By saying that, I just realized that I didn't get any photos of myself that day.

After the party, I raced to get to the race expo in time to pick up my bib. Then I went over to my brother's house and he made us a hearty carb loading Mexican Fiesta with fresh veggies from his garden! We had steak, fresh made salsa, black beans and rice! It was delicious! And I was so busy visiting I didn't take any photos of that either!

I got up early on Sunday morning for the marathon where I ran my buns off. My family was there to support me and luckily the course was conducive to their being able to see me several times. I will do a real recap in a couple of days, but for now, just check this out!

Holy crap; I am so excited. I don't think it hit me until I was writing up this post... I mean... WOO HOO!

After the race, I had a great brunch with my family at the Omelette Express, did some grocery shopping, watered the garden, made my lunches for the week and then passed the heck out! I feel like I need a vacation from my weekend!

How was your weekend? Are you trying to cram it all in at the very end of summer? Have you ever been to Sonoma county?


  1. Woohoo! A big congratulations to you!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! I am not-so-patiently awaiting your recap so get on that! ;) I was so excited when you texted me your results - I actually got goosebumps! You are so fast, girl! I am impressed!!

    My weekend was pretty quiet. I had my 20 miler run and made dinner with my aunt on Sunday night, but besides that I really did not do much else. That was intentional as the next string of weekends are going to be so packed w/ flights and work trips and races and parties and gah. I am tired just thinking about it - but also looking forward to seeing some family, friends, and coworkers in other offices.

  3. Awesome results! Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations!!!

    Your comment about the beer and water and not being compensated was awesome. Thanks for the early morning laugh.

  5. Wow congratulations! That's so exciting!!

  6. Woohoo! You are awesome!! So fast! Congratulations:) What a great weekend!

  7. OMIGOODNESS CONGRATS!!!!! Does this mean Boston in 2013?!?! Good for you! You're SO speedy!

  8. You rock! And this was how many weeks post 50k? ??? Congrats!

  9. So so happy for you Kyria. That is an awesome time and a BQ too! Wahoooo.

  10. I'd say you had a good race!! Congratulations!!! :)
    Sounds like a wonderful time with family too!!

  11. What, Air didn't compensate you to slam their product? I'm shocked! hahaha.

    Also, what the heck does BQ mean?

    Oh, and has it really been TWO WHOLE WEEKS since I've read your blog? I have a lot of catching up to do (and I miss my Kyria!).


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