What I Love About Thailand

Thailand has so many things going for it! Here are a few: 

T-shirts like these (it says "horror movie")

Cheap clothes like these (5 dollars)

Coconut shakes - naturally!

Beaches like these!

Sweet chili sauce (and hearts!)

Pad Thai -- of course!

An alternative to Tabasco -- THAIbasco!
So much street food! Yummmmmmy!


  1. You make me miss it! Love the Thaibasco!

  2. Mmm I love sweet chili sauce and Pad Thai--could you UPS some to me pleaseandthankyou :)

  3. Thaibasco - that's so clever! Love it! I would love all of these things, too. Esp the coconut shake & the beaches. I kind of want to get in a plane right now!


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