In honor of my future attempt to do the A-Z blogfest, I am filling out this A-Z of me. I know, everyone has done it, but what the heck. It seems appropriate AND if I am going to write 26 posts in the next 30 days, I need to keep my brain matter for the future.

Age: 32
Bed size: I had a queen. I gave it to my brother.

Chore you dislike: Laundry
Dogs: Smelly

Essential start to your day: Coffee
Favorite color: Blue, but I am starting to encourage Red as well.

Gold or silver: Platinum

Height: 5'7"

Instruments you play(ed): Clarinet and Trombone

Job title: Financial Analyst or Project Specialist

Kids: probably not

Live: World Travler (and sometimes N California)

Mom’s name: Mom, or Moogle, becuase she is like Google, a wealth of knowledge!

Nicknames: K, Korea,

Overnight hospital stays: None

Pet peeve: Late people, people who make sucky noises when they eat, messy people!

Quote from a movie: Bring Me A Shrubbery!
And my favorite funny quote: We are All Assholes, Sir!
Righty or Lefty: Right

Siblings: 1 younger brother

Time you wake up: When working, usually about 5:30. Now, usually about 7:30.

Underwear: Victoria's Secret

Vegetables you don’t like: I don't really think there ARE any!

What makes you run late: My boyfriend

X-Rays you’ve had: Little finger. Teeth.

Yummy food you make: I love to bake. Anything!

Zoo animal favorite: Giraffes.


  1. FUN! I may have to do this one, too....

    Moogle, LOL.

  2. Moogle is genius! That totally describes my mom as well!!

    These were fun to read! I had pictured you as being shorter for some reason! We are about the same height.


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