Well, I did it; I cut my hair. I was trying to decide a while ago and most people said, "go for it", so I did.

I went to a "salon" in Bangkok. The magazine they had for hairstyles was full of punk rock cuts. I finally found the cut I wanted (or a close enough one) in the "Asian" section of the magazine. So I guess I have an Asian haircut?

The lady who cut it did so while looking out the window of the hair salon. I was afraid I was going to end up bald! When I tried to explain to her at the beginning that I wanted to keep my ponytail to donate it to Locks of Love she just gave me a blank stare. So I just told her I wanted to keep the ponytail and she lopped it off a little too low. I hope it's long enough! You need at least 10 inches. I won't be able to send it in until I get home anyway, so we will see how it goes then. The lady also kept trying to keep the cut longer. She would cut it and I would say, "shorter" and she would look at me like, "are you sure? You are crazy!" and then she would cut off another inch and then I would say, "shorter!" We went round and round for a while.

It's pretty short and very layered, so of course it will be a pain to grow out, but c'est la vie! It feels weird without a ponytail and yesterday when I took a shower I dried off my hair and then flipped my head backwards, only to realize I don't have any hair to flip! But I sure am saving money on shampoo! And I don't even use conditioner anymore. I know, crazy right?

Best of all, my haircut cost 100 baht, the equivalent of about 3 dollars. You can't beat that!

And, funny thing...I sent one of my friend's a photo and told her I cut my hair and she sent me THIS. I guess I am not alone, although, damn, how can I compete with her? She's HOT.


  1. I like the new 'do. There's something just awesome about a new haircut.

  2. i LOVE it -- very androgynous but at the same time super feminine -- and you've got the bone structure to pull it off. gorgeous! just put on a little grey and white striped dress and some lipstick and you'd look totally hotter than katherine heigl. wow girl! great!

  3. I think it looks awesome! And I bet it felt great to lose all of that length as hair gets so heavy when it's so long! You've got the facial bone structure to pull it off, too.

    And $3? That is awesome!

  4. I love it...and how easy to wash and wear! I also love how much you resemble both of your parents in this picture...the best of both, I will add! (((Hugs)))

  5. WOWZA!!!! I love it and I love that you did it!!!

  6. It looks great! I bet it feels refreshing, too.

  7. You are braver than I am. I don't know if I could do it. But it must be easy to maintain, esp while traveling. Rock it out :)
    Stopped over from FTLOB. Have a great one!

  8. your hair looks gorgeous!!! Much better then my freak out buzz cut a year ago in Indonesia...I'll send you a pic. CONGRATS on hotness!!!!!


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