Then and Now: May

Another month gone by already. It seems like only yesterday when I was talking about how I couldn't believe it was May already. Today is my Dad's birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! Now for the Who, the What and the Where -- May 2011 vs. May 2012.

The Who: 

In 2011:
I spent some time in Australia with Mr. L, then it was back to the US for:
Baseball with the broski, his lady and Gma, and my friend Hashi and his lady
Birthday fun with the parents
Mimosa Brunch in the Mission with K and A

In 2012: 
 Good times were had by my Relay team
Another Giants game with the trio (a tradition, it seems)
Mother's Day/Birthday with my two families

My, look how she's grown! 
2011 vs 2012
The What: 

2011: / 2012: 8

I definitely had extra time to read this year, due to the fact that I was traveling a lot last year vs this year. Also, my computer was down for about a week and a half in 2012 and it's amazing how much reading I got done because of it! Some of my favorites: Secret Daughter - Shilpi Somaya Gowda, Three Cups of Tea - Greg Mortenson & David Oliver Relin. See my Bookshelf page for more!

2011: 0 / 2012: 157

This month was not only the start of the ramp up for marathon training, but I also added a few miles due to some longer trail runs and a new goal to try to complete an ultra. I think that this is my highest mileage month to date.

2011: 0 / 2012: 2

This month I participated in The Relay, which for my portion was 23 miles over 4 runs over 24 hours. I also completed race number 5 of the 12 in 2012 challenge, which was a trail race in Oakland called the Cinderella Trail Run. You can check out my Races and Places page for more!

2011 vs 2012
Apparently I turn 5 years old every year.

The Where:

In 2011, after getting back from Australia, 
I spent a lot of time in California. 
Also, note that it snowed. I think that photo was taken on May 28th.

In 2012,  I also spent a lot of time in California. 
San Francisco, Sierra Nevadas, Napa, Oakland

The verdict? My hair is longer, my fitness has improved tenfold, and it seems like the birthday baseball game with grandma and the kids has become a tradition (as well has the Mother's Day with my second family). It does seem like May is when the weekends start being full of outdoor related and other fun activities, no matter where I am! All in all, I would give two thumbs up to both May 2011 and May 2012!

How was your May this year? How is it different from last year? Is it better, worse, or the same? 


  1. I didn't know you read 3 Cups of Tea! We read that for a diversity book club at work years ago and everyone loved it!

    Last May was very similar to this May, except I ran way more. Last year I would barely put in 3-4 mile runs. But i was living in suburbia and commuting about an hour each way, so it wasn't as easy to fit in week night runs + studying. So I am happy that I have fit those in this month! In total, I think I studied way more this month v. last year. I am not sure how much I studied last year as I did not track it, but I put in 105.5 hours this year. Eeps.

    I love these then and now pics. And wow, A has changed SO much!

  2. I really like that snow picture...it draws me in! Had to laugh at the cakes! :)

  3. Great pics! Also, just wanted to let you know that the 5 month update for the Bookmark Break Challenge is up!


  4. My Mays are pretty similar last year and this except for the major difference of growing a person!! I love when the weekends get full of being outside and seeing loved ones! That little girl is so adorable!!!

  5. Wow! My may had my dad's 65th birthday and Evil Genius's 5th birthday and a few races. You really knocked that month out of the park!

  6. Gorgeous pictures of all the places you've been! This May has been so low key compared to 2011. Last year I was in the final stages of planning my June wedding. Things were crazy! I can hardly believe it's been a year already and I can hardly believe that May flew by so fast.

  7. Can I please have you May for my June? Thanks!

  8. I absolutely love all your photos, then and now, especially the Mother's Day photo of your bio family and adopted family. Beautiful! The photo of your play niece reminds me of my very own Gavin, who refuses to smile for the camera (or does so on the move, making for a blur!). I have been thinking about taking a photo class, but before investing hundreds of dollars into one, I decided to buy a couple DVD tutorials, one of which is titled Refuse to Say Cheese and Capture the Story! Seems pretty perfect for my situation! =)

  9. I love monthly wrap ups- yours is especially fun that you compared to last May! I am cracking up at your 5 year old birthday cakes. :) And I really enjoyed Three Cups of Tea- I'll have to check your bookshelf for more ideas. The books I read when sick were fine for fluffy reads, but not really what I enjoy. Oh, and congrats on your highest monthly mileage!!

  10. I love the 5 year old birthday cakes. So fun. I love this series of yours. Looks like it's been a good month.

  11. Wow, I can't believe last year you didn't run at all and now this year, you're like super extreme, fast, awesome runner! So cool! :)


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