Tuesday Training (2)

Well, it's time for my monthly training post. The post about training week 1-4 can be found here. For those of you who get bored by these training posts, feel free to check out some posts that are more interesting but little read, due to the fact that I wrote these back when I was but a wee blogger, like a post I wrote about The Latte Factor, or maybe you would prefer one where I ask, "Why Weight?"

Training is still going strong. I have had fun exploring new places as well as getting to run in a coastal city in the summer, which beats running in Missouri in the summer (which is what I did last year)! 

Week 5: May 21 - 28: 41 miles

For week five I ran a couple of fast and flat runs around the lake and then I did the group trail run, where I got to wear test the Brooks Connect. After that, I decided to explore the BA Ridge Trail and ended up doing a 17 mile trail run just for fun. I saw a few snakes, stopped and took dozens of photos, got lost, got rained on and had a great time! I wish all long runs were like that. I experimented with fuel: I tried Nuun (on the uphills) and a mocha Gu, which I took half at 1 hr and half at 2 hrs and they both seemed to settle pretty well.

Week 6: May 29 - June 3: 42 miles

In keeping with my exploration of the BA Ridge trail, for week six, I decided to run on the trail to meet a friend for a walk and I got lost again, so this one became an 11 mile trail run. I really didn't mind, except the next day's 3 mile run was pretty lead legged! I also did some 800s with an average pace of 7:40 for the entire run. My long run (13.1 miles at 7:26 pace)for the week was the See Jane Half Marathon. I did not use any fuel for the race.

Week 7: June 4 - June 10: 45 miles

Week seven was the week of the broken down car, and therefore I was stuck without my Garmin for a few days. I actually enjoyed not knowing what my pace was, although I missed having the data to analyze later. My average pace was around an 8:30 without it. My long run this week (16 miles at 8:52 pace) was in Santa Cruz along the West cliffs. The highlight was a snake eating a mouse. I also experimented with Gu Chomps, which are okay, but not great.

Week 8: June 11 - June 17: 47.5 miles

I was sick for the majority of week 8, which was a bummer. It's hard to run and breathe through your mouth the whole time. It's also a pain to have any extra reason to spit. However, I rested for the first couple of days and then made myself get back outside (it was beautiful in Santa Cruz this week -- weather in the 60s and low 70s) and just do it. I did a quick tempo run in the Kinvaras, which was like running on air. I also did a hill run, which was a 10 mile trail run uphill most of the way (I took the bus back down the hill). My long run (17 miles at 8:51 pace) was on the East Cliffs. I got a little lost but had another beautiful view (albeit a bit foggy).

Aside from the running, I have been walking approximately 2 miles (or more) a day, just to do normal things like walk to the bus stop, the grocery store, or just a leisurely after dinner photo walk. I have not done any strength/cross training, aside from carrying boxes, moving things, gardening and cleaning the house.

Are you training for any races? Do you do any strength training? How do you feel about working out in the summer time? (**Do you like to mess around with Excel?)


  1. You have really been logging the miles lately. That's great!

    Excel hasn't done me wrong YET!

  2. Wow, you are putting in a lot of miles! I am impressed! You are going to do so great at this marathon! As you know, I started marathon training yesterday, but I am running far less miles than you are!!

    I do like to mess around with excel - sort of. I do it so much for my job, sometimes it just frustrates me!

    I don't really do much strength training... I try to bike 1-2 times/week and I am going to try yoga this week.

  3. Those are some serious miles! Who does 17 miles on trails just for fun? that's absurd.

    I used to be an absolute Excel wizard. I still use a spreadsheet to track all of my training (and weight), and can send you a copy if you want. Feel free to ask me how to do anything in excel.

  4. Nice mileage! I'm with you on when you don't have a Garmin, it's nice to run by feel, but I'd love to still be able to analyze the data later.

    I'm 'training' for a 10K in 2 weeks. I say training loosely, but I'm trying to build in some speed workouts to prepare. This is only my 2nd 10K, but I'm excited.

  5. Your mileage is awesome! My summer workouts change a bit since I usually go on 2 hikes a week with the boys. I can't wait until they get out of school so we can head to the trails!

  6. This post just made me feel like a total slacker. I was considering going for a 3 mile run, then decided to work through lunch instead. Now I wish I had gone running.

    You are doing darned well!

    I am not training for any races. I only run about 9 - 12 miles a week most weeks, and that is plenty for me! I don't mind running in the summer, though I am a bit slower. I'd rather run in heat than cold ANY DAY.

  7. I liked the training post, but I like the latte post too. It's funny timing. I think my July challenge to myself will be to not eat out alone at all (eating out if a friend invites me will be allowed). I go out far too much when I should be making a sandwich or a salad for myself at home and bringing it along.

    Gonna go read the running in Missouri post! That's where I grew up. :^)

  8. Your training post just made me feel tremendous lack of training guilt, as I didn't run at all last week when I was in Anchorage. Sure I have some legitimate reasons, but I definitely slacked, too. I guess I'll get up a bit earlier than I was planning to tomorrow morning so that I can get a couple of miles in. :)

  9. You had some great training weeks even with being sick! When is your marathon? I am not training for any races right now....it's kind of nice not having a training plan. And yes to the strength training thanks to CrossFit!


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