See Jane Run: Race Recap

First off, I am excited to say that I have a post up over on FITBLOGGER. If you get a chance, please go check it out! It's about running, naturally. 
And now, back to our regularly scheduled post.

For all that I did have some cons for this race, the actual running of the race itself was pretty good. The course was well marked and mostly flat, there were several aide stations and the volunteers were awesome.

However, the parking was not. I opted to drive to this race, because, although I could have walked (5 miles each way), I did not want to do so and then race and then have to walk back. So we drove. Mr. Lovely came with me and spent the time doing research and drinking coffee in a local coffee shop down the street. We got there with plenty of time to spare, but it took us probably 15 minutes to find parking, which was not very close, probably about a mile and a half from the start of the race. By the time we got to the start line, I had to use the restroom, but it was about 10 minutes to start time and the line was L.O.N.G. I got in it anyway, just to see if I could make it. I did, but the race started while I was inside, so I got out of there fast and ran to the start line just in time to....stop short. The crowd was not moving. Well, it WAS moving, but very slowly.

I crossed the start line and started doing the weave of death. I must have passed a couple hundred people before the path widened to one lane of a two lane road. I started passing people on the left, which was also to the left of the cones, and I got yelled at a few times by the local police (MAM, stay to the LEFT of the CONES!!!) I swear I passed another hundred thousand people but it was hard going. It wasn't until about mile 3 that it started to get to a point where it was easier to find my pace and pass people.

Mile 1: 7:03, Mile 2: 7:05, Mile 3: 7:23

My goal had been to stay below a 7:40 pace in order to get a 1:40 finish, but after the first few miles, I noticed I was going a little faster, so I resolved to stay under a 7:30 instead. After mile 3, there was one girl that was pretty much running at the same pace as me, so I would follow her, then she would slow a bit, and I would pass her, and then I would slow a bit and she would pass me. We did the "dance" for a while before she slowed down to about a 7:40, and I passed her and didn't see her again.

Mile 4: 7:25, Mile 5: 7:30, Mile 6: 7:24

After mile 6, the crowd was pretty thin. It seemed like I could see the start of the pack way up in front of me. At this point we were running along the bay and it was beautiful. I decided that I would try to pass one person each mile, of course at the same time trying to maintain approximately a 7:30 pace. Mile 7, I passed a couple of people. Mile 8, one person. Mile 9, 3 people. I maintained my 7:30, even though it was getting hard. I remember hitting mile 8 and thinking (with my limited math + running skills) that I was almost done, but then realizing I still had 5 miles (5! How did that happen?) left.

Mile 7: 7:29, Mile 8: 7:34, Mile 9: 7:29

Mile 10, 11 and 12 went by pretty slow. I could see the front few girls in front of me. From what I could see, there were three. I passed one during mile 10, one during mile 11 and really pushed to get the one at mile 12 (I was really tired by now)! Thank goodness for two things (a) the view -- I can see the city and the bay and the headlands in the distance, and (b) the spectators -- there are people all along the route cheering. They really lift my spirits. Although my hamstrings are still killing me.

Mile 10: 7:26, Mile 11: 7:22, Mile 12: 7:23

I didn't know if I was first or not. Then I saw her. A girl waaaaay up in front of me. I wonder if there are more like her? Darn it.

Mile 13: 7:19, Mile 13.1: 7:30

I cross the finish at 1:37:17. A new PR.

I look for the race results. They are not posted. The MC says that they are online. They are not. I need to know! Unfortunately, they did not get posted online until late that night. Also unfortunately, there was a hidden posse of girls ahead of me.

I tried to get a photo of the 5k clock with my time on it
Results: 1:37:17
Age group: 5/266
Overall: 15/1432

The Verdict? I ran this race to see if I REALLY have a chance to BQ. I don't want to have unrealistically high expectations when I really need to just keep training and wait until next year. I don't want to let myself down. According to the McMillan Pace Calculator using this race time, I should be able to run a 3:25 marathon. That means 7:50 pace for 26 miles! I am still unsure (read: scared of failure). But I am working on it!

Are you scared to try things sometimes because you are afraid of failure? How do you talk yourself into it or have confidence in yourself during times of doubt?


  1. Dang, you are SO fast! Great job on this run! I am just in awe of how speedy you have become! Your race times just keep getting faster and faster. I really do think you can BQ!

    Yes, I am afraid of failing the CFA. I am totally paranoid about this. The thing is, those that really know about the exam and it's level of difficulty (i.e. the people I work with) would never judge me if I didn't pass. But I would judge myself and be very disappointed... And it would feel like I wasted 5 months of my life for nothing... I just wish they offered the test more than once a year. That is a lot of pressure for one day of the year...

  2. Wow, super speedy, congrats on the new PR!

  3. Look at you speedy chickie!!! You rocked this race Kyria!!!! You do have a chance to BQ!! I do sometimes take myself out of things because I am too afraid to fail. If I see that I am doing that I ask myself why I am really backing out. If it is because of fear I try to push myself through it!

  4. Awesome run! I think you can get that BQ! Your body is there, you'll just need to believe it. Congrats on the PR. And thanks for the explanation on how you got that time on the clock behind you.

  5. Wow, that's a great PR and fantastic time! I've pulled a 1:39 before and thought my legs were going to fall off. Well done.

  6. Woohoo!!! Kyria, that's an awesome time! That's what I'm aiming for on my next half... something around 7:30 average. I'm glad you proved it to yourself, but I already knew you had a BQ in you. :)

  7. You killed this race! I love your goal of passing one girl each mile. My goals are usually more along the lines of don't let the fat guy pass me (and inevitably, he always does)! hahaha.

  8. Congrats! You rocked it. And wow--so consistent! That's a fantastic effort.

    I do let people ahead of me motivate me some times in races...and I hate the dreaded repass, so I make sure it counts if I get them!

  9. Congrats and wow! Nice race :)

    You're so ready for a BQ! Like my husband told me last weekend, you just have to believe in yourself and what you can do! If only it were that easy.

  10. Wow! You have gotten so fast! You can BQ no doubt!

  11. Holy crap! You are so fast!! I totally think you have it in you to BQ. But I know all too well the fear of failure and letting it keep me from things I want to try. Don't let fear stop you! You just have to believe in yourself and your abilities.

    My 13:00/min running pace bows to your 7:30/min running pace. ;)

  12. Awesome job! I have not idea about BQ - but what have you got to lose in trying. Have faith that you can achieve your goals - they are clearly right there in front of you to grab!

  13. Congratulations on a new PR! I feel like I say this every time you post a race recap but good grief you are fast. A BQ race is without a doubt in your near future!

  14. Holy Moley! You are a rabbit! So happy for your shiny new PR and yes, you can BQ for sure. I know it.

  15. Awesome job!! You are too speedy for me girl:) Yes, up until 3 days ago I put off signing up for my personal training course because I was afraid it would be too hard. Even though I was always a good student, it has been 15 years since college and sometimes I feel like my brain has gone to mush. I guess we will see:) You have to know you will rock a full. Maybe I will sign up with you and see you an hour after you finish:)

  16. That's wonderful! Great job! I'm sorry about all the weaving at the beginning, but it was clearly your day. I'd say the BQ is in your very near future (lucky :^) ).

  17. First of all...AMAZING job! And to answer the question, I am not scared of failure, but sometimes don't do things because I am scared of the stress. It is not not worth it. I am learning that slowly but surely. You can do anything you set your mind to! Obviously, look at how you killed this race :)

  18. what a fast race! great job on the PR!!

    I am afraid of failure, but I've attempted such a variety of different activities that I know that failure happens along the way when you are learning something new. So when I'm afraid - I tell myself "you've embarrassed yourself/made a fool of yourself before and it didn't kill you - so you might as well give this new thing a go"

  19. you are one speedy runner! what a great job and I am with you I like small runs also!


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