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Happy New Year everyone! And goodbye to 2011! Instead of grabbing a beer and looking what happened last week, let’s get in the mood and grab a glass of bubbly. Also, since this week has been filled with Christmas and things like that, I think we’ve had enough photos and recaps of the last week! I am going to take a different tack, and talk a little about photography.

As you all know, my posts are peppered with photos. I’ve always loved taking photos, but my “career” really took off in 2010, when I started a 365 project. I did not post a photo for each day, but it did help me learn that there is beauty all around us, not just when we are on vacation in Mexico. I still take a photo almost every day, and I find it a great way to record memories and to open your eyes and look around a little rather than taking things for granted.

In 2011, I decided to take it down a notch, to a 52 week project. Again, I slacked on posting photos each day, but once again, I DID take a photo pretty much every day! I also took an online course, 12 Weeks to Better Photos, which helped hone my skills even more. I look back on the last 2 years of photos (and beyond) and realize that I have improved a lot.

But what do you DO with all the photos!? Obviously, I post a lot of them here, but there are so many more that never see the light of day. My addition and computer skills aren’t that great, but I think I took somewhere around 25,000 photos this year. That’s 69 photos a day! So, for my own satisfaction and yours, I am pulling some of them out of the archives, for A Year in Photos, 2011. Post Card Style. Got your Champagne? Okay, let’s go.

Also, in 2012, I am happy to say that I am doing another photography project! I will talk more about it soon, as it is still in the works. I am very excited to share it with all of you!

Did you do a 365 / 52 (or any photo) project this year?  Have you ever not reached your goal but still learned something from the process?


  1. I will say each year I say I'm going to do a 365 blog...either way I learn to look at everyday things differently...and to find beauty all around me!

  2. I am hoping to hone my photography skills so that I can be as good behind the lens as you are. I've never been consistent with taking photos, but 2012 is the year I'm going to be. I just signed up for 365.

  3. Beautiful! I'm so jealous of people with good photography skills-- although I guess I never really took the time to learn and improve... maybe this will be the year! Happy new year!

  4. Wow - this is so cool! I think you are a great photographer, and I learned so much during the photography series you did in 2011, can't wait to see what you do in 2012!

    I have not doing a 52 or 365 challenge! But I like the idea of doing that! Maybe when I get a nicer DSLR I will do that. But I have no idea when that will be as I haven't put that in the budget for this year... But I did get a new p&s for Christms, so I will have to figure out how that works, and maybe do the 365 project starting on my birthday or something!

  5. Beutiful photos! Happy New Year!

  6. That was so much fun.

    I am so thankful for digital photgraphy! and editing software.

    Your pics are always so lovely.

  7. Hey! Excellent job on the Bookmark Break Challenge in 2011!!! If you have a blog button, let me know and I will get it up on my sidebar. Also, you joining up for 2012?!?! I hope so! If so, let me know in the comments here...


    This is the new Bookmark Break Challenge 2012 page!

  8. Wow you had an unbelievable year!


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