Racing With the Stars

Hello and welcome to Random Saturday! I just wanted to thank everyone for their words of encouragement about my race today! It starts in about 3 hours; I am just having a coffee and have a bit of extra time and thought I would post a few tidbits.

{1} Yesterday I ran Running, Loving, Living's 3.5 mile birthday race! I got a 27:52. It was a good race, which I did on the Iron Horse Trail, which is flat. Also it was about 55 degrees! You can't beat that with a hat! It's fun to do virtual races to keep the motivation flowing.

{2} I am staying at my friend's house for the race. I normally don't watch any TV really, but last night I caught up on Top Chef on On Demand. OH Tom Colicchio! I think he is getting nicer! I like him; I don't know why. There is just something about that bald head of his!

{3} Have you popped over to Triptych lately? Our latest word is BOLD. If you have a fun photo which you think is BOLD, go over there and link up! 

{4} Last but not least, I often "star" people's posts in my Reader to come back to or recommend.I guess it's like olden day Pinterest! Ha. Ha. Here are a few goodies for your Saturday reading pleasure!

-- Pioneer Woman (you know I love her) makes Sausage Kale Breakfast Strata!

-- Karen's 52 week (52 goals for 2012) project! I need to finish making my list!

-- Using your iPhone for your 365 project is a great idea! Along with app suggestions!

-- This post on how to plan a good vacation makes me want to travel!

-- This girl talks about how it's okay to have off days.

-- Happy Birthday to her

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Today is my honey's birthday, so I am wishing him a great day from afar. Now I am going to go and run my little legs off!

What was your favorite post this week? If you could only watch ONE TV show, what would it be?


  1. Happy Birthday to Mr. L! I have been thinking about you this morning - hope the race goes well, although I know it will! I love when races start a little later - nice to sleep in a bit and not feel so rushed!

    My favorite part of the week was... maybe yesterday when I woke up and didn't feel awful? In general, I like how each day got a little bit better and I felt a little bit more like myself! Also, I finished a CFA reading last night and did the assessment and got a 90% which is unheard of. I usually score around 70% - which is 'good' for the CFA. So a 90? Felt awesome.

  2. hey-good luck-have fun! you are doing better than me this year...not dont my first in 12..yet..if i do..x

  3. Good luck! I'll have to check out that challenge.

    I don't watch much TV, either, but when I do, I like variety. I have to say, though, that Bones is probably the easy choice if I could only watch one.

  4. Oooo, I hope your race went well!! Happy birthday to your honey, yay :).


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