Then and Now: December

Happy New Year's Eve! I hope that wherever you are, you are having a great weekend! Have a wonderful time tonight and I will see you next year

The holidays are often very similar each year. There are holiday parties, get-togethers with friends and food to be eaten and presents to open with family. This December was no different. There were many people to see that I see every year, and many holiday traditions that were observed this year, just as they were last year. There were also a few things that were different. Here is December 2010 vs 2011, The Who, The What and The Where.

The Who:  Every year I get together with friends in San Francisco for a snackapalooza. This year was no different, except we got together in November instead! So we met up in Sacramento for some carb loading before the marathon instead. Also, I get together with my old HS buddies on the day after Christmas each year. It's great fun and I am glad we have kept the tradition alive!

2010: Snackapalooza, San Francisco, 2011: CIM carb loading

2010: Hail, grey skies and a large group, 2011: Sun in the eyes and less people
The What: Last year I did many of the same things as this year. I went to see the birds; I ate cheese platters; I make cookies. The only huge difference was the running. Last year I took lots of walks; this year I took many runs instead (mileage last December: 0 miles, this December: about 100 miles).

2010: Walks, 2011: Runs

2010: Birds + great reflections! 2011: Birds but no reflection

2010: Small cheese platter, 2011: large cheese platter! (2012: Cheese table?)

2010: Pumpkin Choc Chip, 2011: Macaroon
The Where: Last year I went on a road trip from California to Iowa, where I met up with my friend Red at her new house. This year, I have been in California all month.

2010: Iowa


What were you doing last December? Do you do the same thing every Christmas or are your holidays varied?


  1. These posts are always so fun! You hit some serious mileage in December to go along with your delicious cheeses and cookies.

    Last December I bought a real Christmas tree and decorated it. We went to Toronto for a few days to see M's family and then we spent Christmas at home just the two of us. This December we had no tree and took the menorah on the road to Louisiana to celebrate Christmukah there with my mom. Last December we flew. This December we drove.

  2. I remember your snackapalooza post because i commented and said I would take you to Barrio - which is one place we did go. :)

    Our Christmas used to always be at my parents. Now with everyone being married, it's kind of different every year. This year some of us were home. Last year, my parents and i were at my brothers. Next year we will be in their new lake home!


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