Play Ball (and Beer of Course)

I know, as always I am early for Kimberly's Grab a Beer and Look What I Did Last Week, but I am posting anyway, and if I get a chance to link up, great!

On Monday, I went to the DMZ and barely, not really, got to look over the fence at North Korea.

On Tuesday, I relaxed and explored the streets of Seoul. I also talked about food on Ten on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, I checked out the Palace Museum in Seoul. I also talked about confusing English words.

Palace Museum
 On Thursday, I had a bus ride to Busan.

On Friday, I started the A-Z Blogfest. I also walked around the fish markets in Busan and saw an Octopus escape it's bowl!

Yesterday, I went to a Korean Baseball Game! I am very bummed that I am missing the SF Giants, which is my favorite baseball team. However, I got to see the Busan Lotte Giants instead. What fun! It is much more active than a US baseball game. There is tons of cheering, song singing and funny bags on the head! It was great!

Lotte Giants

First, it's a hat. And then you put your trash in it! Genius!
All in all, a great week. Today we will do some hiking, relaxing and get ready for another bus ride back to Seoul tomorrow!


  1. How exciting to go to a Korean baseball game. that must've been so much.

    A few months ago I went to an Australian game and it was kind of sad...

  2. Your week was way more exciting than mine.

    I'm enjoying seeing beyond Houston, TX through your lens.


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