Many Happy Trails

I am a bit biased, I admit. I am from California and am proud of the fact. We have everything you could ever want -- beaches, mountains, small towns, cities like San Francisco. What do you like to do? We have it. You like picking mushrooms, deer hunting, swimming, diving, surfing, hiking? We have it. So, when I say that New Zealand reminds me of California, that is a good thing.

We have been hiking almost every day. It has been great. First we hiked near the sea, then in fern laden forests, over mountains, and through gorges. We have seen every different kind of terrain and climate. It snowed on us a few days ago. We went swimming a few days before that.

If you like hiking (tramping in NZ terms) you will love New Zealand. If you like beaches, you will love NZ. If you like skiing or mountains, you guessed it. You will still love New Zealand. It is actually smaller than California; it is about the size of Colorado. There are only 4 million people. The largest city is small by our standards. It is great. As I mentioned before, there are 10 sheep for every one person.

A couple of things we have enjoyed besides hiking.

Meat pies.(and beer!)

Tiny horses (or ponies). 

Seeing where the hobbits live. That's me being Gollum (in the rain).

Awesome Beaches.

 Strange mushrooms. 

And of course....a couple of hiking pics!

So, I know I sound like a Chamber of Commerce ad for New Zealand, but I love it here! I have a lot to say about it and although this post is short and photo heavy, once I get back into "real" internet land, I will talk more about WHY I love it so much. Until then, Happy Tramping! 

Oh and a very late Happy Easter to everyone! I have been out of blogland lately, but am looking forward to reading everyone's posts once I get home!


  1. Please tell me you took a photo of a field of sheep! :) I didn't when i was there and I really regret that!

    I loved New Zealand. Such a beautiful country!

    Safe travels home!

  2. I am totally with you on California being the place to be :) I definitely miss it (and waking up to the San Gabriel mountains every morning) a lot!

    I really want to go to NZ and your photos have only intensified my desire to do so!

  3. I am a Cali girl through and through, too. And I have always wanted to go to New Zealand. After this post, I am desperate to go there!

  4. Beautiful Photos! I am from CA too. Joining you from a blog hop I was hoping you could follow and join my hop so everyone can see your lovely blog. Thank you! http://sweetcalifornialiving.blogspot.com/

  5. Wow, your pictures are amazing! I was in NZ last summer but didn't have time to see much. I'll be writing about it soon though. Looks like you had a lot of fun =)

  6. I LOVE your photos! Thanks for sharing...

    Here's to making it this far, congratulations! I have an award for you!!


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