Food Lovers Paradise

I love food. And South Korea has not let me down. Here are a few of the yummy things I have tried here.

1. Street Food -- of course! I always try the street food, as it is usually cheap, fast and what the locals eat!

Bacon wrapped sausages. Yum.

Tempura Veggies and Seafood
2. Fresh Food Markets. There are so many of these, and they are so fun to walk around! However, my favorite experience was when we found a weird shellfish (previously mentioned here and photo below) which we wanted to see the inside of. A fisherman obliged us, cut one open and gave it to us raw, right then and there!

Fish Market

Does anyone know what these are?
3. Next we have...of course. Kimchi. It comes in many shapes and sizes and colors. They put each one in a separate bowl. I love it!

Who needs food when you have kimchi like this?
4. Last but NOT least, all you can eat, Korean MEAT BBQ. Actually they have potatoes and rice and veggies and kimchi (of course). But mostly it is meat. There are about 30 different kinds, you pick it out, pile it on a plate and cook it yourself at your table.

MMMMM Bacon!
Anyway, I am not getting any skinnier, that is for sure! But I am happy!

This post is part of the A-Z blogfest. F is for Food! You can find other posts HERE.


  1. What is kimchi? Looks delish! I haven't heard of it, though!

    You are definitely eating well! But I am sure you are walking it off. :) That's what i tell myself on vacation. I actually lost weight when I went to Paris!

  2. All that seafood looks fantastic. I like Korean food, but there's a dearth of it in NOLA.

  3. Thanks for the great pics! It is always interesting to see something from a different culture. :) Great post.

  4. Shame on you! You made me hungry :-)

  5. don,t like kimchee but love korean bbq. your posts are interesting.

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