I'm Not An Addict, Baby

I have only been on the internet ONCE in the past 10 days. I know. Crazy, right.

Why is this crazy? What happened to normal life? WHY do I have to check my email every day?

Because it's become a habit, that's why. I mean, I don't need to check it and half the time, nobody, except Walgreens and LinkedIn, have emailed me anyway. So I waste my time getting online to see that Yay, there's a sale on Prell at Walgreens. What a waste.

I also subscribe to a lot of blogs on Google Reader. If you do too, you KNOW how hard it is to ignore! You would rather knock down your Reader total from 798 to 100 (yay, what an accomplishment! and I didn't even have to leave the house!) then....Mow the lawn, pay bills, hang out with that girl from work who keeps asking you to go for drinks, study....you know what I mean. The list goes on and on. Why am I not outside?

And then there is blogging. Why DO SOMETHING when you can blog about it? Or maybe it's "Why do anything UNLESS you can blog about it? I bring my camera everywhere and I document Every.Last.Thing so I can post pictures later to the internet. In fact, right now, what am I doing? I am blogging. When I should be completing the 189 things on my "To Do" List (100 of them which I can probably do on the internet).

So, I would rather live my life. A hike: yes. A drink with friends: sometimes. A book: often. I am an advocate of going outside. I am a firm believer in children NOT watching TV when they can go ride their bikes, run around, play dress up or build a fort. However, as an adult, I am a hypocrite.

So this week, I am going outside. I am going hiking. I will read more. I will spend more time playing board games with my boyfriend instead of ignoring him while I interact with people I've never met. So if I am not around, I am sorry. I am outside in the sunshine, enjoying the environment, soaking it all in.

I will be back in a couple of weeks (addictive personality! cough!) to read all of your blogs and make sure I don't go over 1000 posts in my Reader (obsessed! cough!). Also, for those of you who are visiting from FTLOB, I will eventually go and check out every one of your blogs. Please be patient. It may not happen for a little while.

Does anyone else get this - this angst to get away from the internet, yet the desire to go back to it? How much time do YOU spend on the computer a day? (ps. when I am at work, I am on the computer probably 12+ hours a day. Now, it's more like one[+] hour[s] a day)

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  1. First, that animation is hysterical.

    Second, I could not agree more. I love being outside and being with my friends, but I so much time I could be doing that to catch up on Google Reader and do "important" things on my to-do list, like blogging. Pathetic. Enjoy your time away from the computer, I'm looking forward to my month of traveling and breaks from 10 hrs/day on the computer.

  2. I got on the computer to leave this comment. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been on.


  3. Yep, I struggle to separate msyelf from the internet, too. I mean, even when i was in Paris i checked email multiple times a day and blogged... I just can't really have a true separation from it.

    But you know what I could go without for days & not miss it? My phone. Well, aside from checking emails on it. But if it didn't have to ring or if I didn't have to answer or call anyone? That would be bliss!

    Enjoy your break from the 'net. :) We'll miss you, but it's good to get away & enjoy life!

  4. I went on a nice long walk today. It was beautiful.


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