Looking Back: November

Get the advent calendars out! It's almost Christmas! This year, I have to work the day after Christmas and so we are going to have our family time a couple of weeks beforehand, so it's coming up quick! So let's recap November before December gets underway. November was a good month, albeit a busy one!

Running: November was a whacky running month. The first weekend, I paced a friend for a 100 mile race in Arizona, which was about 40 miles for me (overnight, in the dark, in the desert). The weekend after that, I paced a different friend for a 100 mile race, which was another 22 miles. Besides that, the rest of the runs were pretty minor. However, due to these two, monthly mileage came in at 186 miles.

Reading: Due to the fact that I spent a lot of time with other people and not a lot of time at home, I had one of my worst reading months this month! I read ONE book, Quiet, which I really enjoyed. However, it is not one of those "quick page turner" kind of books. It has a lot of interesting information and I took a few notes, but it was more like reading for knowledge than for pleasure. If you like the book, or if you want to hear a little about it, OR if you need a new podcast to listen to, check out this episode of the TED Radio hour.

Traveling: For pacing, I went to Phoenix and then to Auburn/Folsom. Both were dry and dusty and I did not see much due to the fact that I was mostly there in the dark. In addition, I went up to my parents for the weekend and then to my brother's for Thanksgiving. It was great to see my parents and to be "home" for a while, since I will not be heading up there for Christmas. November starts the busy weekend (and driving) time for me, so I often rent a car for the months of November/December. It ends up costing less money (and considerably less time) in the long run. I still think that my decision not to have a car otherwise is a good one.

Rainy run at Mom and Dads

Misc: Other than that, I went to all-you-can-eat Korean with the lads at work, had a great time at a Trail Running Film Festival, met up with a friend twice for Indian food and much needed girl talk, and drank a lot of yummy beer including this Sculpin IPA.

How was your November? Are you ready for the craziness of December? What is your favorite beer?


  1. I say bring on December! I'm ready!

    Sounds like you've had some good times in the past month. I hope your December is equally awesome!

  2. December is pretty solid so far, let's hope that holds up. Great month!

  3. November must have been a blur for you! I had a much less busy month but it still went by fast. I can't believe it's December but I am happy it is because that means VACATION TIME. We fly out on Friday and I can't wait! December will fly by between our trip, holiday parties, and Christmas. I don't feel ready for it, but ready or not, here it comes! And I do not really have a favorite beer... I will drink ciders but I don't love them and wouldn't waste one of the few drinks I can have a month on a cider... Instead I'd have a margarita, a glass of pinot grigio or a vodka tonic!

  4. December is filling up for me already! I will check that podcast out since I'm looking for new ones.

  5. Those are some loooong long runs! I can't believe Christmas is so close... I'm ready!


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