There is a guy in my office who sometimes makes this noise when he is overwhelmed, and it sounds like, "woof!" I think he is really saying, "oof" or basically, "phew". However, the first time I heard it, I thought he said WOOF, and so it has kind of stuck. Any time things are getting out of control or we are feeling a little crazy, we call out, "Woof!"


The last couple of weeks have been crazy. In addition to getting all my Christmas cards sent out, I met up with my brother to be a sweeper (tail end safety runner) for the Northface 50 mile race, and went to two holiday parties and met up for a holiday weekend with my family. This is on top of the normal every day stuff, such as grocery shopping and working out. We also got a new client at work and the past couple of weeks have been a flurry of activity getting him set up.

Don't get me wrong, it has been fun, but I can see why some people get stressed out during the holidays, especially if you are the kind of person of which social interaction is overwhelming. Personally, I bring it all on myself, so I am not complaining! However, it will be nice to roll into January and hopefully read a few more books and spend a bit more time relaxing.

A couple of things on the agenda this week are:

- A visit with a friend from high school. She is coming to stay and we will do a lot of walking and eating and gabbing.

- The annual cookie making party with my friend and her daughters. Her daughter is 4 and last year she helped decorate all of the sugar cookies with heaps and heaps of sprinkles! It's become a fun tradition and everyone at work benefits from it as well!

- A Sunday morning run in the hills. As always, no week is complete without some time outside. I am lucky to live in a place where we can run outside year round and I am taking advantage of it! I love where I live...

How is your holiday going? What do you have planned for this week?


  1. Thank your Christmas card by the way! Loved getting it in the mail. What a fun tradition you have with your friend and her daughter :)

  2. Oh, man, woof sums up my December! It's been the craziest string of events ever!

  3. Ha, the woof thing is funny! My holiday season has been going good, it's just flying by... We have my Christmas party tonight, I am going to a Christmas market with friends tomorrow, and then Phil and I are doing our Christmas on Saturday night. Then I head home next Tuesday night for Christmas with my family. I can't wait! I am excited for all of the festivities but like you said, I am also looking forward to January when things *should* slow down!

  4. Thanks for the Christmas card! Kelley is totally overwhelmed today and screaming woof too. love it!

  5. WOOF! here too! hahaha

    We used to live near friends with young girls and every Christmas I would decorate a gingerbread house with them. So messy and fun. Enjoy your activities and outings and don't forget to breathe. Hope you and your friend have a wonderful time together.

  6. Sounds like you definitely HAVE been keeping busy! But it sounds like you're having a great time, at least!

  7. Woof is an interesting expression to make, although I suppose it makes sense too. :) I hope you have a great Christmas day! Just waiting for it to get light enough here in Michigan to go running before the rest of the fam gets here. It's 7:51 and just starting to get light enough.


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