Finish This: October

I hope everyone is having a great week and is ready for a Giants win today!!! Fingers crossed! Also, today, 10.11.12, is my cousin's wedding day! Congrats to Bean and his new wife!! Today's fill in the blank idea was stolen from Lisa.

My friends Buster and Timmy

I wish I could get up earlier and run, but I really like that extra sleep in the morning!

I want an apron for Christmas.

I always eat the same breakfast every day. Oatmeal with fruit and nuts.

I need to find a costume for Halloween. 

I feel tired. I don't have a free weekend until....um....

I think that as much as I like the farm box idea, I can buy my own veggies for a cheaper price.

I ask lots of questions about logistics. It sometimes annoys people.

I hear rain. It's starting to rain! Maybe I need some of these?

I smell greens and vinegar. It's because I tried to make it so my greens wouldn't be so bitter, but all it did was stink up the house.  

I ponder the disappearance of socks, and time, and that bag of dried coconut (that I just scarfed down).  

I seek new pumpkin recipes. (here is one good one)  

I play Ms Pacman like a 12 year old boy. Bring it on!  

I prefer mountains over pretty much anything else. The ocean is not far behind though! 

I wonder where I will be in 10 years, mentally and physically (and literally). 

I mean to travel again soon. The question is not if, but when and where!?  

I never have watched a lot of movies that everyone else has seen.  

I plan on having a house on the beach someday. 

I hope to get a new phone soon, but I am not sure if I want to switch from the iPhone to something else or to just get a new iPhone. These are difficult decisions, folks.  

I worry about not spending enough time with people before they are gone.  

I dislike fakers/posers. Be yourself. People may not like it, but at least it's honest. 

I struggle with feeling guilty when I have to say no to something that I really would like to say yes to.

What do you struggle with? What are your hopes and your worries?


  1. I struggle with not having enough time. I love your house on the beach plan. Mine is similar, but I prefer a lake:)

  2. I LOVE Ms Pacman. I may also play it like a 12-year-old boy. HA!

    I love my iPhone. I just like the operating system so much more on iPhone than Android. Plus, my mom had an Android and had SOOOO many issues. I have have NONE with my iPhone so I am Team iPhone all the way!

  3. I struggle with overcommitting myself and doing too many things at once and then feeling like I'm not doing any of them as well as I should. A house on the beach sounds really lovely....

  4. Cardinals are leading their series 2-1. Here's hoping after the game today, they're one step closer to playing your beloved Giants. =D

  5. I wish it was raining here! love these posts they are cute!

  6. Congrats to your Giants... The Captain tells me they pulled off a big one! Now I do know enough to know that your friend TIMMY has much longer hair this year!

    Loved learning more about your from this post... they are so fun.

  7. Lately I struggle with comparing myself to others and never measuring up. Ugh!

  8. I have a hard time saying no too and I've been thinking about putting an apron on my Christmas list all year. I don't know how often I would use but I feel like I have to have one.

  9. I am glad you played along!! :) It's a fun way to learn more about others.

    I struggle to say no to things as well. I hope I run a strong marathon next weekend. I dream about my next trip to Paris!


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