Last Week (5)

Have you ever felt like your brain only operated for a few minutes at a time? Do you know how lawyers bill in 6 minute increments? My brain lately has been billing in 6 minute increments. Once the 6 minutes is over, a new billing cycle begins and the old one is forgotten, paid, finished. You know when you walk into the kitchen to get a spoon and when you go through the doorway you just stand there for a few minutes, wondering what you came in for? That's been happening to me more and more. It happens mostly at work but has been trickling into my personal life as well. I blame technology. It seems we  rarely focus on any one thing for very long any more.

Since I can't concentrate enough to form a paragraph, I will let some photos tell my story of last week for me.

I wore an appropriate outfit to work. Go Giants!
Then I went to the game, which we won. 
World Series Baby!!
Sorry Nilsa.

TUESDAY, it was unseasonably hot. 
I took a nice walk for lunch and enjoyed every minute of it. 

An evening trail run is always nice. 
It always makes me feel refreshed. 
Even when it's halfway run in the dark.

I took a walk around the neighborhood to check out the decorations. 
This was my favorite. 

I took advantage of the sun and went for a run in the headlands
You could see the city as clear as day.
This is not always the case.

Broski's first half marathon. 
He lived to tell the tale!
(more on that later)

Since our forecast was rain (which we are getting), 
it's important to harvest your veggies or they may spoil.  
This meant LOTS of peppers. 
So I dried some. And made some into this. 
It will knock your socks off.


 Who needs socks, anyway? 

How was your weekend? Do you decorate for Halloween? Have you ever tried canning fruits or veggies?


  1. I have never tried canning. Thought about it this season for a few minutes, then got distracted. ; }

  2. Looks like some fun trail running! Wow you have way more festive neighbors than I do. :-) I might actually plug in the green pumpkin now... Ohhh that jalapeno sauce sounds amazing!

  3. Go Giants!

    I used to make jam every year, and have canned peaches and pears and crabapples... also used to can antipasto and pear chutney. mmm love that. Will have to get back into some of that now that I have a real kitchen again.

    Love your pics.

  4. Hmm...nope, never experienced that whole six-minute attention span you're talking about. Moving on...

    Loved the pics!

  5. I lose my brain on a daily basis! That habenero sauce looks deadly- I'm such a wimp when it comes to spicy stuff. I always wished I was one those people who liked spicy foods but I can only handle it to a degree.

  6. Oh man that hot sauce looks fantastic! Wow. I've been pulling hard for the Giants! Crush the tigers!

  7. The last two games were tough to watch. I want to know who stole the fire from the Cardinals' bellies? Awful. Guess it's a good thing I went to bed before the game was over last night (I doubt I would have admitted that had the Cardinals come back to win - ha). I'm backing your Giants as we head into the World Series - they better make the National League proud!!! =)

  8. I don't decorate for Halloween but I did carve a pumpkin this weekend and he sits outside my front door. He's adorable, too. :)

    The view on your Saturday photo is gorgeous! What a view!

  9. You had quite a full week last week but it sounds like it was filled with a lot of fun activities. Can't wait to hear how the half with your brother went!

  10. Love the photos! Go Giants! :)

  11. I do not celebrate Halloween usually, but this year I am going to a Halloween party so I have to dress up for the first time in 10 years. I am going the easy route and will go as a cat!

    My weekend was awesome as you know! And I forgot to say thanks for the shoutout on my race in your last post! That was so thoughtful of you!!!!!

  12. I love that you got to run with your brother! That hot sauce looks awesome- I find canning so satisfying. In NY, we had so many u-pick farms that I usually did salsa and blueberry jelly every summer, but haven't done it here. But we do have lots of habeneros here... and I rarely need socks. :)

  13. You were at game 7? Awesome. Must have been so much fun - even with the rain.

    I love creative Halloween decorations. We just finally decorated yesterday.

  14. I can't wait to hear about your race with Broski! I have only made freezer jam, that is the extent of my canning ablities:)

  15. Looks like you had a great week! Especially with the Giants win! That hot sauce looks fantastic! What does a person have to do to get some??


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