Fall Back

I have always LOVED Fall Back. When I was a kid I had a great theory. It went something like this:

In the morning, we got to sleep in an extra hour. This is because if we fall back, the clock SAYS 6 now, but "really" it is 7, so we get to sleep in until what used to be 7 o'clock. Score.

In the evening, we get to stay up an extra hour. This is because if we normally go to bed at 10, when the clock says 10, it will really feel like 11, so really we gained an hour in the evening too!

After Fall Back comes Winter!

However, last night I was running on the trails and it was about 6 o'clock and it was starting to get dark and I was thinking about the whole daylight savings thing. I have said it before, thinking and running (especially math!) don't always work out well for me. I have been known to have run several extra miles due to bad running addition.

Last night it was almost dark and I was thinking about how great it would be next week because at this same time it would be light, because it would technically be an hour earlier.

But wait. Then my mind got a little twisted. Is that right?


Then it dawned on me. Next week when the clock says 4, it will really "be" 5. So this means we will be getting LESS light in the evenings! Wait a flipping minute, that's not fair! Who's idea was it to have less light in the evening? Darn farmers! Who needs extra light in the morning?

So I grumbled my way down the rest of my running path in the near dark, thinking that I guess I should get in my trail miles THIS week because I wasn't going to be able to enjoy them as much next week, or for the next several weeks afterward.

I also wondered why it took me three decades to figure this out.

Now Fall Back is ruined for me forever. I liked it better when I was oblivious to it's flaws.

Do you like Fall Back? Why or why not?


  1. I used to love "fall back" time...until I had kids! The worst is the Spring! I love gaining an hour but you're right...it gets darker earlier!

  2. I just tend to hate the less daylight all around part! :) At least it will be lighter earlier in the day but dark so early in the evening just makes me want to go to bed even earlier. I'll be itching for spring and longer daylight hours!

  3. I used to like fall back more when I was young and always felt sleep deprived. I loved the extra hour of sleep on that Sunday morning as we always went to church at 9 and back then, getting up at 7:30 was SO HARD. Now? Not so much. Although I am glad DLS falls on Julia Child weekend as it's a pretty tiring event, so I need that extra hour of sleep. :)

    I don't like losing the hour of light in the evening, though, since that is when I primarily run... Guess I will just have to get used to wearing my headlight again...

  4. You just made me laugh. Too funny. I like Spring Forward better - more daylight - happier me. And yes, I still think in terms of Fall Back and Spring Forward - I'd never keep it straight if I didn't.

  5. In college, I used to love Fall Back, because it meant an extra hour in the bars (my friends and I used to have to convince bar owners that they could legally stay open ... because, if bars close at 2am and the turn back the clock time is 2am, then it's really only 1am and they can stay open longer ... yes, I used math to my advantage when I was in school).

    Now? I'm not really a fan of it getting darker earlier. I already wake up when it's dark (no matter what time of year it is) and the idea of getting fewer and fewer non-work, light hours makes me sad.

  6. Yea DST was designed to keep the farmers timing in line with everyone else. They are going to start their days at or before daybreak, and it ends when the days chores are done. So if the winter time sunset comes at 5:30 instead of 6:30 they can get to the feed & seed store before it closes at 7.

    of course, now it's completely antiquated and is about as necessary as the electoral college. I'd rather be on daylight savings than off of it, so I think the only good thing W did was extend it by a few weeks each year. I really hate the first two weeks after the change.

  7. I've preferred Spring Forward ever since my kids were born (getting dark early is a good thing for children falling asleep). But I'm also a morning runner, and running in the dark has been a bit creepy, so I'm OK with the reprieve this year.

    1. Meant to say "....THOUGH getting dark early is a good thing etc."

  8. I don't like the time change thing at all. They should just leave it as is.

  9. Oh I hate when it gets dark earlier. :(
    I am terrible at math when running too and have definitely ran further due to flunky addition. ;)

  10. Heehee! This post cracked me up. I actually do really like fall back more than spring forward in spite of the fact that it means less light in the evenings. I think it's just the luxury of getting an extra hour of sleep or an extra hour at the bar when I was younger that gives me a mental boost.

  11. I hate when it gets dark earlier. Springing forward always feels so much more exciting even though I lose an hour of sleep.


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