Creature of Habit

I am a creature of habit. I find that it makes things easier. Rather than scrambling around in the morning or forgetting something, I feel like if I always do it the same way, it is less likely to go wrong. There are a few things I always do.

Keys: The keys always go in the same place. It a nice empty place where they can't get piled in with a bunch of other things. They have their own place of honor and they always go there. When I am on the move, they always go in the same pocket of my purse, every time.

Coffee: I almost always set up the coffee the night before if I am working the next day. That way I can get up, turn on the pot and then start getting ready for my day while it's brewing. However, I am not really a coffee snob. I have been known to make a whole pot and just nuke it the next day if there is some left over.

White Board: I have a white board where I write my weekly schedule: to do, running, shopping and evening activities all go on the board. Each Sunday, I wipe away all the things I got done and rewrite my coming week's items. It makes me feel like I have accomplished something, even when it's minor (I also leave the finished things up on the board until Sunday so I can revel is the joy of getting them done).

Black Pants: I own several pairs of black slacks. I find it's much easier to just grab a random pair of pants and snatch up a shirt and voila, I have an "outfit". It's not super exciting, but it's efficient.

Water Plants: I have this little ritual when I get home where I water the veggies and pick anything that's ripe. It feels good and seeing food that I have grown (not killed!) is very satisfying and I find it's a great way to wind down after a long day.

Alarm: I like to get up early and have a bit of extra time to get a few things done. Sometimes its something online, or maybe it's updating my planner or organizing a little bit. Either way, it makes me feel more productive during the day to not have rushed around in the morning.

Lunch: I always pack my lunch the night before. I suppose it's all the same, since it takes the same amount of time whether you do it at night or in the morning, but by doing it at night I have that little bit of extra time to do my organizing or whatever in the morning.

Shower: The routine is always the same. Get in, wet everything, shampoo, shave, rinse, condition, soap, rinse, done. I do not dawdle.

Read on Bus: I have a half an hour bus ride to get home and lately this has been the only (sigh, I know) time I have been reading. So, no matter how much I feel like I need to reply to that email or google this or that, I always take that half an hour to read my book.

As you can see from this list, it could probably be summed up by saying (1) I like to prep in the evening to save time in the morning and (2) I like routine. True. So true.

What habits do you have? Are there any weird ones? What is your shower routine?


  1. You are so organised! I have never been a creature of habit and my life sometimes suffers as a result :( I have developed a few little routines out of necessity - e.g. Keeping keys in the right place. But I'm not very good at it so I still sometimes loose them...

  2. I wish I were a little more organized, I think I was before I had kids. I dawdle in the shower and read two books this month, but before that, I think it was July when I last read a book, so sad.

  3. I, too, am a creature of habit. Especially when it comes to my morning rituals. I don't start my coffee the night before - I start it after I have put gel in my hair but before I start my make up. I am just such a ritualo person, it makes me feel more comfortable, I guess! I also have bed time rituals, and feel 'off' if my rituals get thrown off. Of course, all of this goes out the window when I travel, but now I am developing my morning hotel rituals. :)

    I always pack my lunch the night before, too. I have to make it as easy as possible to bring lunch to work!!

  4. I'm a pretty routine kind of person. Now that my kids are older and we have a pretty organized morning routine, our days start out the same most days.

    My coffee maker is on a timer and is on at 5:25 so that when I get up at 5:30 it's ready to go.

    Now I need to make some more time to read.

  5. I'm also a coffee-timer user.

    And I have a black-themed outfit habit, too, but in my case it's the shirts that are black. I like brightly-colored bottoms - fuschia skirt, cream-colored pants, bright red shorts... you name it, I'll pair it with a black top!

  6. We have a very specific place for keys, too. What's annoying is when Sweets accidentally doesn't put them in the basket and leaves them on the counter instead. Even more annoying? When he accidentally leaves them in his coat pocket. And most annoying of all? When he leaves them in his coat pocket and wears his coat to work! Yes, it's happened before - on more than one occasion! =)

  7. You and I would be great friends if we ever do wind up moving out there. :)

  8. Sometimes I'll put "eat lunch" on my daily task list just so I know I'll be able to check something off that day. it's pitiful.

  9. I'm a big fan of routine, too. And I love grabbing a quick, easy outfit. Quick shower, too. I'm all about efficiency as well. Now if only I had that 30 minute ride to read! I'm having trouble finding the time.

  10. Love that glimpse into your daily life. I already prepare the coffeemaker the night before, too, and I am strangely excited about my first cup of coffee every morning.... however, I do. not. heat. up old coffee. Meh. ;)

  11. Black pants...I do exactly the same thing. I think I look presentable most of the time, and I hate having to *think* about what to wear.

    Shower....I may linger just a little. But I always wash hair first, then face, then armpits and privates, then feet, then shave. It takes about 15 minutes.

  12. I try to pack my lunch the night before, too! I think it just makes it easier to grab and go, rather than having to take time packing it while you're already rushed to leave for work. Although I've fallen out of the habit of it lately!

    At the beginning of the week, I make a long to-do list of little things I want to get done during the week. And then I try to tackle 3 things on that list every day so I can feel somewhat accomplished and not so much like a lump! It helps. :)

  13. I have a few little habits, but I'm mostly disorganized. I need to do better about that.


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