Cloverdale Harvest Half Marathon

My first half marathon was hard. It was hot, by the end of the race my feet were hurting and I was tired. I finished in 2:13 and change. I remember the feeling of pride and amazement when I was finished.

Last weekend was Broski's first half marathon. I want him to get the bug. I think running is fun and racing is fun! It gives you that runners high and makes you feel strong. So I was a little nervous that he would run it and it would suck and at the end, he would never want to run again. To make it worse, he hadn't run since the Harvest 10k, which was two weeks ago. So I was a little worried, because I wanted it to be FUN!!

The weekend before last, we got together with the family and all my relatives were giving my brother advice. I try not to give him advice unless he asks for it, because I know that he is like me and sometimes just needs to learn the hard way. However, some of my family members still do it. Their advice was good! My uncle said, "the hardest thing about running is lacing up your sneakers". Ain't that the truth! My father said that my brother should try to "start out slower than you think you should, in order to save gas for the end". Also true and a lesson that doesn't really make sense on paper, until you have done it wrong in a race!

My goal for this race was to let Broski run it how he wanted, only offering encouragement, not handing out too much advice (only Pink Lemonade chews when needed). I will leave that part to my other family members. Broski's goal was to finish with a smile on his face and to do it hopefully under 2 hours. Did we achieve our goals? Let's find out!

Before: It was about 44 degrees in the morning, so you know how it is trying to figure out what to wear. Broski went with the short sleeved tee, while I decided to keep my long sleeves on. In a rare show of enthusiasm, I wore orange and black. I don't have to tell you why. The lady friend and her sister came for the 5k, just like last time. They are becoming our best fans!

Beautiful morning for a run!

During: The course was beautiful. It went along the vineyards, where people were RUSHING to get the grapes off the vines before the rains came. Broski looked good. The first few miles were good, we did a little out and back loop on a creek path, which was fun because we could see all the other runners. Then we started going uphill! The hills were rolling, but they were plentiful! (Splits Miles 1-5: 8:43, 8:42, 8:45, 8:44, 8:52)

At the turn around

Around mile 6, Broski's right foot was hurting just a tad, but we kept going strong. The pink lemonade chews were a welcome distraction! Then around mile 8 (where Broski passed his longest mileage run ever), he started getting tight calves. I was a little sore as well, as I had run the headlands the day before and had hit the hills pretty hard. The entire time though, the course was beautiful and after the turnaround, everyone was cheering each other on and even when we got passed or were passing someone, everyone was very encouraging of each other. (Splits Miles 6-10: 8:55, 8:59, 9:06, 8:49, 10:23)

We had to stop and walk for a few minutes here and there in the last 4 miles, but we finished it off strong. However, my Garmin read 13.6 at the end! Our finishing time was 2:05, so by our calculations, if the course would have been correct, we would have made it in under 2 hours! (Splits Miles 11-13.6: 9:34, 9:28, 10:01, 9:09)

Finished! Wine in hand!

After: There was lunch and WINE (hurray for Harvest) and Dolly Parton was there! Okay she was a cardboard cutout. We had fun hanging out with the lady friend and her sister and enjoying a great live band to boot!

So, in my book, we made our goals. We had fun, lemonade chews were dispensed, encouragement was given and 2 hours would have been achieved if the course was not long! Plus, Broski beat my first half marathon time. I better watch out, he will be running circles around me in no time. The best thing? He's going to run another half marathon.


No, I am not kidding.

Have you ever been to any Sonoma County wineries? Do you ever stay for the after party at your races? After your first race, did you want to run another one?

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  1. Great job to Broski on the half. what kind of chews were they. they sound really good. Hope your second half goes good too!

  2. Whoa - 2 halves in a week? He clearly has caught the bug! Way to go, Broski! He did awesome on his first half! I ran my first half in 2:17. It is amazing to think how far you have come since your first half!!

    I have never been to Sonoma County, but would love to visit some day! I rarely stay for the after party because I am usually sweaty and gross and they typically serve beer, which I don't drink!

    And yes, after my first half, I was bit by the bug. Technically, I was bit by the buy while training as I enjoyed it so much, I registered for a full marathon while training for a half.

  3. Looks like someone caught the bug!

  4. Well if he's happy to run another half tomorrow he's definitely got the bug! Sounds like a great race - and it's so wonderful to watch someone get into running!

  5. I'm not sure why, but I loved this write-up. Go Broski! He's a rock star for turning around and running another half this weekend. Goodness!

  6. whoohoo!! I'm totally digging following Broski's running journey - thanks for sharing. love the picture of you two!

  7. Great splits! Another one right away wow!!! I don't always stay for the after party but I think I would have for that one!!

  8. Wow! That's an awesome time for his first half... and so great you could run with him. Another half the next day?? He's definitely gonna get the bug. :)

  9. Congrats Broksi! That's awesome! I rarely stay for the after party. I usually have to get home to my kiddos. Plus I am usually freezing! After my first marathon, I said I would never do it again and have stuck to my word:) Half's I love!

  10. Wow, awesome time for his first half AND he's doing another one so soon?! He definitely caught the bug! It must have been a neat experience to run with him!

  11. Congratulations! Seriously, he ran a 2nd half? Yes, that's nuts.

    Great job meeting your goals. The best one is that he enjoyed it so much he's coming back for more.

    I love courses that have little loops where you get to cheer for other runners.

  12. Your broski is a beast! What an amazing time for a first half-marathon!

  13. That's great! It sounds like he definitely has the bug! Congratulations to him!

  14. That is so awesome!! Has he started talking about his first full yet? ;)


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