Last Week

Well, another week is beginning again! What a fun weekend! I hope everyone had a great time with their mothers and/or their children! I was lucky to spend time with my mom and dad, as well as my 2nd family (aka people who have put up with me for a long, long time). We got together and had a really nice brunch, took a walk and sat around and shot the breeze. It was nice to see both families and to spend time with everyone.

Last week also had a few more fun things going on.

There was some yoga. 
I found a good power yoga video here
After the relay, I was pretty sore, so this kicked my butt pretty hard. 

Remember the mini carrot cakes I was talking about? 
Here they are. And the  mini cheesecake. 
And the mini pecan pie. 
I must have eaten at least 28 of these.

Once my legs got a little less sore, I tried out my new shoes. 
So far, so good. 

 This is how we buy pickles in our house. 
These will probably last us a couple of days or so.

Saturday night I went out with some friends for Mexican food, complete with margaritas. 
Unfortunately, the scary doll was sneaking sips behind my back. 

Soon after, she had a little lean going on. 

By 7:30, she was toast. 
I told you dolly couldn't handle her booze. 

Mother's day brunch with the munchkin. 
She loves the iPhone. And specifically Google. 

After brunch walk on the American River Parkway (of walking on the left fame). 
This is not me.
I wish it was. I totally have kayak envy.

How was your weekend? Are you a mom? What did you do for Mothers Day?


  1. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend. I'm a mom of 2 who had a day of shopping, Mexican for lunch, dessert at Starbucks and a new camera that's small enough for my iFitness belt. Totally spoiled for the day :)

    You may have mentioned this already but how many days after the relay until you felt like working out or running? Longer than usual or about the same? Thanks.

  2. Oh, I am cracking UP at that drunken creepy doll!

  3. I consider myself a mom-at-heart as I love and adore my nephews as if they were my own.

    I am cracking up over the creepy drunken dolly, too!

    Looks like a wonderful weekend! The mexican food sounds awesome - especially the margarita. :)

    And I seriously need to get a jar of pickles like that!!

  4. Crap! I totally forgot about mothers' day!

    That drunken dolly is priceless!

  5. Dolls are so creepy looking sometimes!! lol, that cracked me up!

  6. Ok creepy doll!! LOVE the shoes!! Got in a long run....that was all I needed yesterday. The hugs and breakfast waiting for me after was priceless!!

  7. Sounds like a great Mother's Day weekend! I'll take the margarita's and pass on the creepy doll!

  8. What a fun weekend (minus the creepy, drunk doll!). Sounds like you did a little for you, a little for yo mama and a little for your adoptive mama. So cool!

    Mother's Day was OK for me. I spent it with A LOT of family. I don't regret spending time with my family, because I adore them. And I'm glad they all enjoyed their Mother's Days. But, it doesn't feel like it's my day when we spend it racing from one family gathering to another. If it were my day, it would've looked somewhat different and involved fewer players. It's ok, though. Last year was the same way. And I'm learning if I want Mother's Day my way, I have to carve out some time on another day.

  9. are you getting that doll drunk? sounds like a fun week. Lots of yoga and some running sounds pretty ideal.

  10. Oh my stars! The doll cracks me up!

  11. That doll is a bit creepy:) I went on a 20 mile bike ride with my family and it was so much fun! Beautiful sunny day and the path wasn't too crowded. Love the new shoes:)

  12. The doll is killing me! Sounds like you had a really fantastic weekend. I had a great Mother's Day, spending most of it in motion, just the way I like it.

  13. Sounds like a great weekend! I'm gonna have to check out that power yoga link. I started Mother's day with a nice, long run and had a great, relaxing day!

  14. OMG, the creepy doll!! Hilarious and creepy!! Did I miss the story behind the creepy doll?

  15. Sounds like a great weekend! Though the doll is a little creepy and makes me think of the bride of Chuckie movies!

  16. What is the deal with that doll? O man, she IS way creepy :P

  17. Sounds like a really nice weekend. Brunch with the family is always good :)

    We buy large jars of pickles, too. Although I am the only one who eats them. ha!


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