Running Related Tidbits (2)

The last week has been a bevy of running related experiences. I am going to share a few of them with you.

- I went to see my parents last weekend. My dad had a 5k race on Saturday so I ran with him. I am not going to write his recap for him (Dad -- I need your race report by noon tomorrow) but he did great. We started off at a "conversational" pace. He runs naked (sans Garmin) so he runs according to how he feels. He is also very modest. I think he thinks he runs a 9 minute mile, but we were clocking in between 7 and 8 minute miles the entire time. He ended up with a 23:xx and an average pace of 7:54 (or thereabouts). He also got 2nd in his age group. I am so proud of him. He has always been an inspiration to me and is the main reason I am as active as I am today!

- Last weekend I volunteered for a 50k race. I was at one of the aid stations, giving water and food to all the runners. To get to the aid station, I had to run to it, which was a ten mile run. I started at 7 a.m. and ran with the guys who do the course markings (flour and ribbons), which took about 2.5 hours. Then we handed out aid (with a group of boy scouts who were a kick in the pants -- how old are they? 50 or 15?) to the runners, which was SO inspiring. They were fast, slow, young, old, big and small! I think I am ready to follow their footsteps and try my own ultra! After the race, which was HOT, we ran the 10 miles back to the car. I made some new (great) friends and had a very good time!

- I am looking to buy a hydration pack/vest. I want something that is not too big, doesn't bounce around (naturally), holds about 2 liters and has pockets on the front straps/waist belt. Abbi suggested the Intensity and I also looked at the HPL#020. What do you guys think? Any suggestions?

- On Wednesday night I decided to go join up with a trail running group. I did it mostly because the Brooks rep was going to be there and so I got a chance to wear test the Pure Connect, which is a low drop shoe which is quite light. I actually wanted to try the trail running shoe, the Pure Grit, since I am thinking about buying a trail runner and wanted to test a couple out before buying. I generally wear Asics because I like to have a wider toe box, but would be open to trying something different! I want it to be fairly light and have a rock plate if possible (I like the Fuji Racer, but have heard negative reports about the holes in the bottom). Do you have a trail running shoe you can recommend?  

- As for the group run, the shoes were pretty good! And I am not sore at all: not feet, not legs, not sore! I have to admit, I tried the Brooks Glycerine and am not a fan. But maybe next time I need a new shoe, I will get the Connct. But for now, I will stick to my Asics. Other than the shoes, the run was okay. I still ran alone, which is what I prefer. And I've run in the area before, so it wasn't even like I found a fun new running trail. I really don't think I am a group running type person. I like to run at my own pace. I did notice a lot of folks running in little groups, so maybe it's great for them, but I don't think it's for me. It was nice to test out the shoes though.

- I signed up for race #6 of 12 in 2012: See Jane Run Half Marathon in Alameda on June 3rd. This will give me the opportunity to run a flatter (read: non trail) race to see how my road running fitness is going. After that though, I am back to the trails on June 23rd for this race, which I think I will do as a 30k. There is also a marathon and a 50k, which as John pointed out, would make me a Maniac (3 marathons or longer length in 90 days) if I did one of those instead.

Have you ever run as a pacer/bandit/friend with someone at their race? Are you a maniac? Do you like going on group runs (and if so, why)?

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  1. I have never ran as a pace/bandit in a race, or ran a race with someone for the whole time! I am not a maniac and I don't think I ever will be as I don't know if my body is built for that kind of mileage in that short of a period of time! And it's not in budget to do that many races as the entry fees really add up (I'm on a super strict budget right now). I do run in a group. I will run with mine 3 times/week after the CFA. I like running with them. It's nice to have other people out there on the paths with me. I rarely run an entire workout with someone, though. I will run with people during the workout and then find my own pace typically. So it's the best of both worlds!

    Your dad is speedy! Way to go!!

  2. I'm more of a solo runner but getting into the trails has made me a bit of a group runner, simply because I prefer having someone nearby when on trails and I don't know a lot of trails around here. I like running with others but all the coordinating is the part I don't like as much!

  3. Wow! You ARE a maniac! Ha! In a good way of course! I would like to find someone that would run with me as a pacer, but I feel so bad because I'm slow!! At my best I'm at about 12:00, the only times I ran with other people I felt like I slowed them down and felt so self conscious. I honestly get anxiety when I think about doing it again. A friend asked me yesterday if I wanted to run Dam to Dam with her and I almost said no... We'll see though. It's next weekend!

    I didn't know until a few weeks ago that it was called running "bandit" if you haven't registered! Ha!

  4. Ok so you ran 10 miles...handed out water forever...then ran 10 miles back...yeah you already are a maniac! I've paced friends in 5ks and things like that but not longer. I was going to jump in with a friend this year at Boston to pace her but yeah...too hot for me thank you very much!! You should totally go for an ultra! You would do great!!

  5. I'm no hydration pack expert, but I'd say anything that is designed with a woman in mind should trump something that is supposed to be unisex or was designed for a man.

  6. Your dad is awesome! I always think it's so cool when I read about runners running with their parents:) So awesome volunteering at that race. Wow, 10 miles to get to the water spot and 10 miles back! You rock! I like to run with friends, but haven't done a group run in years. I probably would end up by myself anyways.

  7. Now I know where you get your speed from! Your Dad is speedy! I've been wanting a pair of Brooks but after running in the Altras I really like a wide toe box so I may not love them once I try them on.

  8. I am still on the lookout for a good hydration pack. I have issues with bouncing and bottles falling out! Love the Brooks Pure Connect :)

  9. What a great running week for you! I am so impressed by your dad. Very inspiring. And I would love to volunteer at a race someday. I have no help on all the trail running and accessories, but look forward to hearing what you find that works for you! Someday I hope to do more trail running.

  10. Congrats to your dad!!! So amazing. (did he meet the deadline?)

    So cool about the trail race. What an amazing day!

  11. I have never found a water vest or belt that I like... but the one you link to in the post seems nice... my son was in the military and he got us some camel back packs... I use them on hikes, but I'm not really a fan of carrying much when I run. Great Post!! You are such a witty writer, it was a great read!! thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  12. See Jane is mighty tempting…but a half would be so ugly on me right about now :P. Your dad is awesome!!! About the hydration packs…I think Aron (Runners Rambles) reviewed a couple during her 50-miler training.

  13. I have paced Chad during a few of his ultras. He uses me in the beginning to slow his pace. He tends to go out too quickly.

    WTG dad!! Nice [enviable] pace :)

    Now you have me wondering since I've decided to run a 50K do I need a hydration vest? I'm not a maniac yet but maybe after my 50K :)

    I'm also on the search for trail shoes. With running trail runs more often for training I think I will need them.

  14. Which Asics do you use right now? I'm trying out the Brooks Pure Flows as I work my way back to running, but I've always been an Asics person (my last shoes before injury were the 2170s--that's a lot of shoe).

    Congrats to your dad! I'd love to get my 5K back into the 23s.

  15. Congrats to your dad! I run with my dad whenever I can, but right now he can totally leave me in the dust.

    I'm a huge fan of the connects. No advice on trail shoes though.


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