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This week is week 9 of 12 for my training schedule (otherwise known as the aforementioned Hal Higdon Schedule of Hell). 

My long run this Sunday is supposed to be a 15k, which is about 9 and a half miles. I can do that. Last weekend I ran 10 miles, and it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I have mentioned before that most weeks, I just take it mile by mile and like I said in this post, many times I want to stop before I even finish the first mile! So every time I look at the training schedule and see the looming long run, I cringe a little. However, every time I finish a long run, I feel so good, physically (even if it was hard) and definitely mentally. 

I feel good when I rise to the challenge. Personally, I feel great. When I can challenge that distance and conquer it, I feel awesome. I want to run farther and faster each time, just to prove to myself that I can. My competitors are not the other runners. My competitor is me. Sometimes I beat myself up. And sometimes I beat myself.


Speaking of beating myself up, a few times before my long run, I have not eaten enough. Then I hit the wall hard. So I am trying (and still learning how) to eat smarter. I have been eating more rice, beans and sometimes even toast, which I wasn't eating before. But I know I need to feed my body in order to have enough energy for the long runs. I eat tons of veggies and fruit! 

So, endurance folks, what is your pre-race/long run energy-boosting meal?

I usually have beans and rice the night before and toast with almond butter or cereal and fruit the morning of the run.


I have never done a marathon. It is one of my goals in life. However, I admit to you people, I am scared. (Hold me) I run alone. My 10 mile run last weekend took me an hour and a half. That is a long time! I don't know if I can train and run for 2 or 3 (or 4?) hours. Not only is that a long time, and there is only so much time in a day, but isn't it BORING? 

I am thinking of signing up for a 20 miler. Maybe that is a good stepping stone.


I need your help. 

Training advice: How do you stay motivated? Do you run alone? If so, do you prefer that? Do you get bored?

Food advice: What do you eat the night before/the day of a long run or race? 

Races: I want to run a marathon! HOW do I make the training a good thing and not something I am dreading? How was your first marathon? Please tell me if you have any tips! 

Do I just need to buck up and sign up and deal with it!?

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  1. I used to run cross country for high school, and also do marathons (all before an injury.) Whenever I had a big run, I would carbo-load. All carbs, pastas, breads, etc. I never ran better.

  2. I've run 5K races and a couple 10K's in the past. I never believed in carb loading myself, a high protein diet was my plan. Just before a big race I would run that particular distance, not very fast and time myself. On race day, I would start out faster than my practice run and go all out the last kilometer.

  3. I used to run with someone for all my long runs but since our move most of them are alone. What if you found a race that aligned with really long runs and then you just ran it as a training run and not a race? I've done that before with a half or 30k. It made me feel not alone and bored. Play with your music too...I find that a new song keeps me interested! The morning of my long runs I keep it simple...toast with pb...nothing too fancy to make my tummy yucky!

  4. 1. I used to run alone before joining this run club. And I sometimes miss running alone. I think having a training plan and blogging about it holds a person accountable, so don't let training alone hold you back. It helps if you can find a place to run that you genuinely love. Like for me, I love the trails of Minneapolis so it doesn't feel like such a chore to run, you know?

    2. I usually eat pasta or something super carby the name before a long run or race. On race day, I eat toast w/ pb and a banana. And a cup of coffee to get my system 'going' (tmi, I know).

    3. I say you should just sign up. Find a great course in an area you want to visit or an area you know is pretty. I did twin cities in 2006 and it wasn't my prettiest race, but it was still awesome.

  5. I think having shorter training plans helps - it prevents burn out.

  6. Coming to your blog from the fitness hop - Love reading about your training! I chuckled at your label of the HH training plan. :] I've never done anything longer than just 5ish miles - so 10 would definitely seem daunting to me. But, I agree with whomever wrote that new music helps!!! It helps me on even just my hour runs. looking forward to reading about how your 10-miler went!

  7. I want to do a marathon but in a few years 10 miles in a hour and half is good going :)

  8. Eating right is essential and after much trial and error I finally have it down.

    I ALWAYS eat whole wheat pasta, usually with chicken and tomato-basil-olive oil combo, the night before a run. And depending on how long the long run or race is I eat a half or whole whole wheat bagel with 1 TBS almond butter. This too is without fail even if I have to pack everything for traveling to a race. Oh and 2 cups of coffee :)

    I run most shorter runs by myself. Anything >8 miles or so I run with a friend or my husband.

    I don't really dread a training run until about week 15. Then I go through week of training burn out. It lasts about a week usually joined by unexplained moodiness and then it just passes.

    My first marathon was awesome! From the first day of training to the very end. Being ready for my first was the motivation. And I ran most of those training runs by myself.

    Hope some of this is helpful :)

  9. My longest race so far has been a 5 miler. I've run up to 11 miles with 12 on my goal list for this weekend...I'd like to do a 1/2 at some point. I've had people ask me if I get bored because I do run by myself usually and I don't...It is my much needed quiet time! :) Good luck with your training!

  10. I have yet to dread a long run because of boredom. Other reasons maybe, boredom - no. Maybe because it's the one time I can be alone with myself and not have any interruptions. I enjoy seeing what's going on around me and just thinking things through. I can also listen to what music I want to listen to without anybody asking me a question in the middle of it.


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