A Camping We Will Go

Last weekend we went to Grover Hot Springs State Park for a camping trip with family. I had a great time and not only that, I did a few other things:

Firstly, I learned some new things!! Did you know that the bark of a Jeffrey Pine tree smells like PINEAPPLE?

Everyone had to try it!!!

Secondly, I exercised! It has been a long time. But it was great! First we went running -- it was a 3 mile loop on a mostly flat trail through the woods (thank goodness, I don't know if I would be able to do more miles or steeper ones right now!). Then I went on a pretty easy bike ride, only 4 miles. Of course I had to have an ice cream afterward to celebrate.We also did many small hikes in between.

So, I hope I am not saying this in vain, but from now on, I hope to get back into running! I used to run a lot! If you haven't read these, you can catch up with some of my issues here:

My first training schedule
The first time I ran 8 miles
The first Half Marathon (Mardi Gras) (others HERE, HERE and HERE.)

So I am ready! The plan is to start tomorrow and probably just try to do two miles. After that, my goal is tod do a couple of miles a day for a few days a week and see how it goes. Then of course, increase it. The next step is to sign up for a race. Yikes. I have to admit, I am excited but a little wary at the same time. The run last Saturday felt so good. Especially after I was done! For me the first mile and sometimes part of the second are the worst and then things kind of even out a little.

How about you guys? Do you like going camping? Have you done any fun runs lately? Have you heard of any good half marathons that are coming up in say....3 months or so? 

NOTE: For more camping photos, you can go HERE.


  1. I have never actually been on a 'real' camping trip! My parents had a camper when we were growing up, but that's not the same as stayinig in a tent or something like that! I think I would like it, though, as I am really pretty low maintenance!

    Good for you for getting back into running. You know i"d love to host you if you came to Minneapolis in October. :) It's a pretty course as most of it is along the various lakes. :)

  2. oh, i loved the camping photos -- what a fun trip!

    and i know what you should train for:
    it's a classic!


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