More Where I Live

I started the Where I Live series back in January and have done it a couple of times before. Below are the links to previous episodes.

I love where I live and I love taking photos, so it's just a way to show some of my favorite places and interesting things in the area. Oh and OF COURSE, I love Spring! Even though it's been snowing lately. Enjoy!

What do YOU love about where you live? 

covered bridge


snow in May

snowy highway

road to nowhere

passing lane ahead

baby birds


  1. I love covered bridges--they are so romantic and vintage looking :)

    I love all the great restaurants available near us. Just last week J and I were able to try Nepalese food for the first time--so delicious!

  2. Wow - you live in such a gorgeous area!

    I love that we have beautiful lakes here in Minnesota. I love that we have them right in the middle of our city here in Minneapolis!

  3. oh that snowy road -- what a great wide angle! love it. and of course that baby bird.

    hope we get to see you this summer! xoxox


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