Randoms, A Missouri List

- I work with mostly older guys. You know how your grandpa has stories? That he tells you over and over? Imagine this times 100. It's awesome -- they have great stories! On the other hand, you hear them all over and over and you can't get a word in edgewise. On Saturday we had a meeting (yup, we work 6 days a week!) and this 90 year old guy with suspenders told me that I was going to be his fourth "next ex-wife". I said, "only if you have as much money as Hefner!"

- I asked a local what the little tail on the bottom of Missouri is called. He said it's the "boot heel". Actually with his accent, I thought he said, "boot HILL". But boot heel makes a lot more sense! And that's a cute name! We don't have any heels or handles back home! So....I am currently pretty much in the boot heel. Locals, can I ask, is the rest of the state called the boot?

- I didn't run this weekend. I was completely lazy. Boooo. But I did find out that the town I am in has some running trails and I plan to go and check them out tomorrow!

- Is it just me or does it seem like life is either really busy or kind of lax? I mean, I have a million things to do and then all of a sudden there is an eye in the hurricane and it seems like I am waiting for the next part of the storm to hit with force. Since I got home from my travels, I have been so busy and yesterday I took the day off to relax, but the entire day I was feeling guilty! Like I should be doing something; like there was something I must be forgetting; like I was missing something important. Why does that happen?

- I made a really bad decision the other day -- I went to Walmart at 7 pm. It was packed! And with the most extraordinarily weird people. I mean, I know that there are strange people there normally, but this time they were even weirder than normal. AND there was this horrible screeching noise as I was buying some cottage cheese and I couldn't figure it out until this really old guy came towards me and stopped his cart to look at some yogurt and the noise stopped. I wondered HOW the heck he could NOT hear that...until I really took a good look at him and he was wearing a hearing aid, which I bet he had turned off.

- People in the Midwest are good drivers! When there are two lanes, mostly they stay in the right one and only go into the left when they need to pass someone. People of Louisiana, take note!

- I confess, I am hooked on thisPitbull & Ne-yo song. Grab Somebody Sexy, Tell 'Em HEY! I can't help but sing along.

How was your weekend? Have you ever been to the Boot Heel?


  1. I LOVE that song, too!! I might need to buy it for my running playlist. :) It has such a great beat!

    The only part of MO I've been to is St. Louis - which I really enjoyed. I have heard good things about Columbia, though. I think there are some great hiking trails in that area, too. I can't remember what it's called but there is a big biking one called Kitty something or something like that? I could be making this up. I should ask the 2 STL bloggers I know. ;)

    I hear you on the feeling guilty thing. Last Wednesday, I went to a movie after work and I felt SO GUILTY. So dumb because clearly I have earned some fun downtime...

  2. I've never made it that far south and unfortunately don't have any places to eat/things to do in the boot heel :( How far is Ste. Genevieve from where you are? I've been to a few cool places there that I could share if it's not a major hike!

  3. I have lived in Louisiana. They keep to the left and pass on the right.


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