Coffee Talk

I am having a hard time forming more than a list these days... but there are a few things we would talk about if we were having coffee today. First I would ask you:  

How is your week going? What's the weather like where you are? What big things are going on in your life lately?

I am not really one for small talk, but I may start the conversation off by saying that it's finally raining here! We have been needing it so badly. Of course, this is literally just a drop in the bucket, but I will take it. The other good thing is that this hopefully means that it is snowing in the Sierras and I can soon do some skiing and other winter sports.

Next I would delve more into my week by saying how I sometimes really love working with all men (not as many emotions running wild, no line in the ladies room EVER) but sometimes men can be as bad or worse than women when it comes to being catty and/or talking about each other behind the other person's back! They sometimes whine so much I want to just smack them. That and one of them keeps stealing my supplies.... As much as they are a pain, I do like the group I work with. In fact, last night we all went to all-you-can -eat Korean BBQ and I  gorged myself on spicy pork and little side dishes!

I need a quick and effective fitness routine that I can do at home. Do you have any suggestions? My criteria is that I want it to be less than half an hour and I do not want to have to pay for it. This month, and even more so in December, is filling up with week day activities and I need something quick I can do in the gaps of the day.

I have not done any Christmas shopping, and I am behind on starting my Christmas cards. This year I am having trouble getting motivated to do projects. This also bleeds into my running life. I just can't muster up the energy to go running on the week days lately! With the holidays around the corner, this is not going to get any easier. I need to make a list/schedule and start checking it off.

I would love to do this multi day snowshoeing trip in Yosemite. Seeing the valley in the snow would be absolutely priceless! I have added it to my list of things I want to do, which is getting longer and longer each day!


Okay, your turn: Where do you want to travel to this winter?  Have you started your shopping yet? tell me what fitness routine you are doing for the winter!


  1. If you are looking for simple bodyweight routines, there is a good one in Chris Powell's first book (7 day carb cycling) that is a variation of just squats, crunches and push ups. That picture is gorgeous!

  2. hey, I just found this in an email message.. might be just what you are looking for.


  3. I've found all kinds of workout ideas on Pinterest. Just a thought.

    Snowshoeing seems really hard. I can't imagine going for multiple days!

  4. Your comment about the men in your office stealing your supplies cracks me up! But would also drive me nuts. If you need something, just ask. Don't just take is my thoughts :) Week is good, weather is okay for Calgary in the winter and big things going on would be growing a baby and getting ready for Christmas. Trying to do everything now and not stress around Christmas/closer to my due date!

  5. First off - I would totally do that snowshoeing trek with you!! Sounds awesome! As far as workouts go, check out peanut butter runner's workout page (http://www.peanutbutterrunner.com/workouts/). Her HIIT ones would be perfect for you and a lot of them are body weight so easy to do if you don't have access to weights/gym equipment.

    I am traveling to Jamaica in December and possibly to Arizona in Jan or Feb. I haven't planned anything else! I have actually done most of my shopping as my nieces, nephews, parents, and part of Phil's gift have been bought. I just have to get the other part of Phil's gift and I will be done. This is the earliest I have ever been close to being done shopping but we are gone Dec 5-10 so I feel like I need to be done shopping before our trip so I am not rushing around after we get back. Plus I Have to ship some of my gifts so I need to allow time for that. I've done all of my shopping online with the exception of Phil's gift (which is an experience-based gift, he'll never read this so I can tell you I got us tickets to see Neil deGrasse Tyson, the host of Cosmos, when he is here in April!).

  6. Oh and I also work with all men, which I like for the most part but I have noticed that many of them are NOT independent. They have to go get lunch together and sometimes I just want to say - 'can't you do anything by yourself?'

  7. I rally want to pull off a trip to Maryland to visit my grandparents/meet up with siblings this Christmas. Might be tricky, but we're going to do it!

  8. Ah, I really want to go snowshoeing near Bend this winter! Maybe in January. I think the fitnessista (www.fitnessista.com) does a great job at putting together some serious strength and HIIT workouts. She has an entire page dedicated to her workouts with all the links. The winter/summer shred ones are often pretty challenging as well as most of her circuits.

  9. I've got a good bodyweight routine worked out lately, but it's in a text file at home. Reply to remind me and I'll send it on to you. takes me about 25 minutes to finish.

    Not too much winter traveling besides just visiting family for the holidays, but i'm trying to work out the George Washington Birthday marathon Feb 15 in the DC side of maryland.

  10. Ditto to what Lisa said about peanut butter runner for workout idea's and fitnessista also has a lot of great workouts. I think HIIT workouts are a really good and effective workout for you to do at home because they are usually just body weight exercises and always less than 30 minutes.

    I have only ever worked in offices with all women and honestly I've loved it. I really love my current team and we are all super super close. Sure there is always a little bit of office gossip and drama (in every office isn't there?) but overall I feel incredibly grateful and lucky to work with such an awesome group of women! I guess all of our personalities just click really well.


Thanks for commenting! Any suggestions, tips or praise you have is always welcome!