Don't Know Much About

I am stealing this idea from Lisa, who did a post about things that people may not know about her last week, because it is fun to hear weird quirks of other people, plus I am about to get on a plane right now and to go and hang out with her this weekend! Here go, a few things you may not know about me.
- I grew up on the Pacific Crest Trail. It actually comes down a mountain and you have to walk along a road and cross the river and then go back up another mountain. I lived on the road that the hikers have to walk on. Aside from that, my mom was the Postmaster for the post office on the road, and post offices are the life blood of the PCT. We had hikers for dinner at least once a week in the summertime. PS. they smell REALLY bad and are quite hairy, but they are very nice people.

Home sweet home

- I hate presenting in front of people. I used to go all pink and shaky and my heart would be beating a mile a minute and I would stutter a little bit. I have gotten a little better. I presented at work this week and I didn't flub it too much. I still have a ways to go, but I am learning to control my fears, or to fake it! It's a lot easier when I know when I am talking about and don't really have to read from the cards/power point. Also, I have gotten better at saying, "I don't know" or "I will look into that". I used to really fear getting a question I couldn't answer.

- I love going barefoot. I used to run around barefoot as a kid all the time and my parents would make me put on shoes because there may be gross things on the ground, but I still snuck out without shoes as often as I could. Now I take off my shoes as soon as I get home. A caveat: since the roommate got a dog, I wear socks because the floors are filthy! Then I take them off before getting into bed. I don't want to put dirty feet in my bed.

- I drink a lot of tap water. I have a reusable bottle that I drink from and I fill it up from the tap. Even when I travel or fly, I bring one in my bag and fill it inside the airport. Disposable water bottles are such a huge part of our trash problem. Have you heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?


- I've eaten ants. Not on purpose, but we used to have a bad ant problem in our house when I was a kid and once they got into the Raisin Bran. The little black ones taste slightly of peppermint. Not in a good way.

- I have to make my bed every day. Coming home to a mussed up bed would make me a tiny bit antsy. I really love coming home to a calm, serene space. It only takes 2 seconds, because I don't tuck everything all the way in and I don't thrash around a lot when I sleep; I just flop it back into place in the morning and I am good to go.

- A couple of gym peeves of mine: (1) people who crank up the speed or incline really high and then hold onto the treadmill while they are running/walking. I feel like it just creates back/neck problems and they would get a more beneficial workout if they just turned it down a bit and let go. (2) People who sweat all over and then hop off and you are waiting for them to come back and wipe off the machine but they never do.

- I almost never wear skirts. I will put on a dress for a nice occasion, and I own several skirts/dresses. I just don't really feel that comfortable with my legs hanging out. I don't really wear shorts very often either.

- I wear my hair up 90% of the time.

- I eat approximately 8 salads a week and drink roughly 3 cups of coffee a day.

- I am trying to improve my Spanish by getting Spanish books from the library, and by using a flashcard app. Now I just need to buck up and start working on talking to people! That's the hard part for me (see: public speaking, above).

Do you wear skirts/shorts a lot? Do you speak a second language? What can you tell me that I don't know about you?

I almost forgot to mention: Happy Valentines Day!


  1. I should be better about traveling with disposable water bottles but I am not great about that as my bag seems to be packed to the max as is depending on the length of the trip. Besides when I travel I drink filtered tap water and rarely buy bottled water.

    I don't wear skirts often as I have a hard time coming up with the right top for a skirt, but I do wear shorts quite a bit while running/working out. But I do not wear shorts in every day life because I do not like how they look on me. I do wear dresses very often, though, as I think they are an easy thing to wear since I only have to put on 1 piece of clothing versus finding 2 that go together.

    I do not speak a foreign language but would love to learn French. I tried to this fall, but just couldn't keep up with the classes on top of all of my work travel.

    One thing you might not know about me is that I do not like ginger. I don't drink ginger ale and if a recipe calls for ginger, I scale it back or skip it entirely.

    Can't wait to see you in less than 12 hours! Fingers crossed your flights are not impacted by the storm we had!!

  2. So excited for your travel this week! Have a great time. Cannot wait to read about it.

    I love these posts where you reveal your little secrets! I am with you on the water bottle!

  3. I actually prefer skirts over dresses but have been having a problem matching shirts with them lately. But I'm not liking my body in dresses so much. or maybe it's just the style of the ones I like!

  4. I hope you and Lisa had a GREAT weekend together! I'm glad the weather didn't mess with your plans too much.

    That is SO COOL you grew up on the PCT and used to have hikers for dinner all the time -- did you meet Cheryl Strayed?? Haha

  5. I don't wear skirts and rarely wear dresses unless I am going somewhere fancy. I wear my hair in a ponytail almost every single day. It is so annoying when people hold on to the handrails and run. Bad form.

  6. I love this! I totally agree about tap water. I was pretty psyched when they installed a new water fountain in my building that has a special faucet for water bottles, so it makes it a lot easier to fill mine up when I'm on campus. Yay for improving your Spanish! I speak Spanish, can more or less read French and Portuguese (though I can't speak them), and am learning Italian. I wear skirts (and dresses a lot) but almost never wear shorts.

  7. I hope you had a wonderful time with Lisa in NC! Charlotte is kind of an armpit, but it's pretty close to all of the cool parts of our state. Can't wait to hear more about it.

  8. Tap water gets such a bad rap, but it's really not any different from that expensive bottled stuff. It just tastes a little different. But I still usually go for the bottled stuff. I'm part of the problem.

  9. These posts are great - so much info packed into one, tiny punch! We've moved towards reusable water bottles, too. I bring them in the car for my commutes and we always pack a few for trips. I almost never wear shorts, but I do wear skirts (longer flowy ones, not short ones). I don't speak a second language, but I used to speak French almost fluently ... when we traveled to Italy, I had a hard time remembering Italian words, because my brain immediately overrode them with their French counterparts.


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