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We are finally getting the rain that we have needed for so long. It was kind of ironic for a while there; where the rest of the country were suffering with record low temperatures and snowfall, we were sitting over here, dry as a bone. I went to Tahoe in January and went HIKING. This never happens. We really needed snow and rain in a bad way.

rainy sf
Rainy day in the city

So, it never fails, as soon as you wash your car it rains, right? For me, it's not about washing my car, it's about having back to back long runs planned for your weekend run. Currently, I am in the midst of a really strange training schedule: week 8 of 18 for the Boston Marathon and week 4 of 16 for the Miwok 100k. I know, it probably wasn't the best planning to have to train for both of them at the same time, but that's the way it is, so I am rolling with it.

Which meant I was supposed to run 20 miles on Saturday and 18 on Sunday. My plan was a nice long run in the city after work on Saturday and then a trail run on the East Bay on Sunday morning. However, after work on Saturday it was raining. Hard. But these miles weren't going to run themselves. So I went on a loop around the city.

And it was great. I admit, I cut it short at about 17 miles, but I still felt good afterwards. In fact, the only thing keeping my from the last few miles was my own laziness. I had it in me, but I had returned to the start and didn't feel like doing an extra three mile loop. I wanted some dinner.

The next day I woke up to no rain and hurried out of bed to get going. However, as I was eating breakfast, the skies opened up. I procrastinated for a while, hoping that it would ease up, but finally it was time to go. It poured the entire time. My feet were raisins, my shorts were sticking to me like nobody's business and my hat brim was like a waterfall. I cut this one short too because I had a rubbed raw spot on my heel and I tried to band-aid it, but it was really giving me grief.

I have to admit, running in the rain is probably my least favorite weather to run in. If it's cold, you warm up after a couple of miles; if it's snowing, it's cold, but not wet. However, when it's raining, running more doesn't make you any drier. And as you run, things are sticking to you, rubbing and pruning up. The other one I really dislike is extreme heat. It may be a toss up.

However, running in the rain makes me feel like a rock star. There is nobody else out; there weren't even any cars on the road. Everyone's hunkered inside watching Breaking Bad and you are outside, braving the elements. The few people you see, usually other runners, give you a knowing look as they pass you on the sidewalk. It's that look that says, "yup, you are one of us and we are awesome".

On Saturday, a bike rider said as he rode by me on a hill, "we are obviously dressed for different types of actives". He was wearing boots, waterproof pants, gloves and a rain slicker. I was wearing a tank top and shorts. I laughed at him and puffed up the hill, feeling like superman.

So, overall, last week was a good one. California is avoiding a drought and I am starting off this week feeling like a rock star. You can't ask for much more than that.

How was your weekend? Are you getting any wet weather? What makes you feel like a rock star?


  1. Very badass!!!! You never know what Mother Nature is going to bring come race day so you always need to get out there!! Great job getting it done!!

  2. Wow that is crazy! I mean, attempting a 20 and 18 on the same weekend takes some real stones. But to do it in the rain is a special kind of badass (that might land you in a straightjacket)

  3. I love that you pushed through the awful weather to get in most of your runs! I'm with you, though, I HATE HATE HATE running in the rain. In fact, I prefer running in the cold over running in the hot anyway, so it goes without saying I prefer running in the snow over running in the rain. A close second to running in the rain is running when it's so cold that your eyelashes freeze - yes, it's happened; and no, it's not fun.

  4. I'm glad you guys got some rain up north. We only got a tiny bit in the south.

    You are a rock star. I don't know how you can run so much and so far in the rain. When I see rain, that's a good reason for me to roll over, pull the covers over my head, and go right back to sleep.

  5. My weekend was super fun because I was in Austin for a girls weekend with some college friends.

    We had a cold rain yesterday and now we are getting a snow and ice combo but it should be gone by the time you arrive (fingers crossed).

    I don't like running in the rain either, but I think my least favorite weather to run in is super duper cold weather, like below 0F. So I just won't run in that weather because I am a wimp and it hurts my lungs. But running in the rain does make me feel like a rockstar!

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  7. I am not a fan of running in the rain, either! Although your Boston training is probably much further along than anyone training over here in the snowy northeast... it's crazy!


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