My Bye Week

I have to admit, this week, I am taking the lazy man's way out and having a cleaning out the fridge week! Luckily I made a few staples this weekend, so it should be pretty easy! Planning consisted of a couple variables this week.

(1) I got a food box. In it: broccoli, carrots, apples, pears, radishes, arugula, bok choy and oranges. I already ate all the fruit. For the veggies, I chopped up the carrots with some potatoes for an easy on the go dinner. The broccoli will be an easy five minute dinner as well. Yes, I often eat a bowl of veggies for dinner with a fruit and/or yogurt dessert.

(2) I went to the grocery store to get a few more fresh fruit and veggies. This week's buy: Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, a pumpkin, bananas, apples and persimmons! I love persimmons! These will also be used mostly as side dishes to other vegetables. Like I said, this is a lazy week. I am calling it a bye week, or should I say a NO BUY week. Ha.

So, because of that, dinners this week will look like this:

Monday: GIANTS game! Dinner = nachos and beer!

Tuesday: Turkey Chili (freezer meal), broccoli

Wednesday: Cream of mushroom soup (freezer meal), Brussels sprouts

Thursday: Garbanzo stew (last week's freezer meal), rosemary carrot and potato medley

Friday: Curried Chicken and Rice, roasted sweet potatoes

Saturday: Dinner w/ the Broski -- carbo load for tomorrow's Half. Mexican Fiesta (make your own burrito)

Sunday: Whatever is left over / Grocery shopping day

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What's on your menu this week? Do you ever give yourself a bye week? If so, what do you eat?


  1. We are heading home from the hospital today and my mom is going to be waiting at my house for the week...on the menu....whatever she makes!!

  2. I wouldn't call cleaning out the fridge a bye week, more of an 'efficient use of resources' week.

    Have fun at the game tomorrow!

  3. Mmmm. Brussel sprouts! Love them!! I am traveling Tuesday-Friday for work, then go to Des Moines on Saturday and come back on Monday so I have another full week of eating out. :/ I did make pasta last night, though, so I have leftovers to eat today and tomorrow! I have been on a bye month lately. But my schedule calms down after the marathon and I plan to get my butt in the kitchen a whole lot more!

  4. I love when you have enough stocked up in the freezer or fridge and can coast through the week eating it all up. It's nice to have that break. Enjoy it!

  5. I love when the freezer is full and can be raided for quick and easy meals! On my menu this week: pasta with homemade pesto, leftover chili (with lots of peppers, corn, and sweet potato) and cornbread, and big salads with lots of arugula in them.

  6. So I found out that The Captain is calling the Giants to win it all... hope for you and him that he is right!

  7. Enjoy your bye week! That's very efficient!

  8. I am digging through our pantry for the next couple of days. My hubby is out of town, so I am not going to wast the time going to the store. I need to look into seeing if there is a org that has these veggie/fruit boxes here in Georgia.

  9. Yes! I plan for bye weeks! I need to try more freezer meals. One more way to make life less crazy during the week :)


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