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I thought I would start off with a song that I am loving lately! If you haven't already heard it, enjoy! If you have already heard it, then enjoy again!

I almost always listen to music when I run. However, I haven't bought a pair of headphones in years. I use the ones that came with my iPod. The little padding part came off and one side doesn't always work, but I usually just make do with what I have.

I recently got a chance to try a new earphone, Yurbuds. They are bright pink and they have a twist lock feature where you stick them in and then twist and they stay in your ears really well!

The first time I used them I took them for a test drive because you know the old saying, "don't ever try something new on race day". They worked great. They did not fall out at all and the sound quality is really good. Also, both sides work! Score. The only thing I don't like is that my other headphones have a microphone. I don't use it very often but it is nice to be able to answer the phone when I need to without having to get it out and use it without headphones.

Then on race day, I wore them the whole time. I had absolutely no problems. In fact, they stayed in so good that I almost needed them to come out a little faster when I saw my parents on the side of the road. I was scrambling to get my ear bud out and wave and get my gloves to my grandma all at the same time, but that is my own fault. I need to be quicker on my toes!

All in all, I would recommend these as a new earphone for you to try. Plus they come in a lot of fun colors and different types, like this one, which DOES have a microphone! Now I just need to update my playlist and I will be all set for some serious running!

Here are a few of the tunes I had to keep me company during the race:

Some Nights (this is a pretty cool remix of the song)

What are your favorite headphones for running? What is your song that you use when you need to get pumped up? Have you tried Yurbuds?

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary entry into the Nike Women's Marathon and a pair of Yurbud headphones in return for an honest review.


  1. Love that song as well! Glad the Yurbuds worked for you. I have super small ears so I still haven't found a pair that works properly for me!

  2. I love my Yurbuds but have the same critiques - I also wish they had a volume control on the cord. I was out running and someone talked to me and I felt like I was ripping my ear off when I yanked the earbud out so fast. But, I guess you can't have it both ways.

  3. Fun song! I need to update my playlists, too ... then again, I also have to get out there to run. ha. I haven't tried Yurbuds, but would certainly be open to trying them if my non-brand (because I can't remember, not because they don't have a name) earphones ever go out.

  4. I almost never listen to music when I run anymore. I don't like to be distracted by it when I'm running outside - though I do sometimes use it during the last miles of a race when I need some extra oomph. And here lately I've been watching shows on netflix when I run on the treadmill. Love the song!

  5. Love that song! Pretty much anything with a faster tempo amps me up for running, which has sadly not happened anywhere near often enough lately. And my ipod phones that I have been using for years now totally need to be replaced, so this post couldn't have come my way at a better time. Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. I have never tried that style of headphones. I usually can not use ear buds as my ear canal seems to be really narrow so they never stay in! I have these cheap Nike ones that I order off of Amazon. They go over my ear and then there is a piece that goes in my ear. They stay on and the sound is decent.

    I LOVE that song! It's the song I will be featuring in my recap post this month, actually!

  7. Oh my gosh. I have the WORST problem with earbuds. I really need to try something like these. Right now I have the kind that you clip your regular earbuds into and then wrap them over your ears, but then they're a little clunky.


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