The Sign Says...

You know that I love to take photos, and as a spreadsheet making, hoarding organizer, put it in a box and check it off kind of person, I like to collect sets of things, especially photos. I take photos of trails, trees, flowers, roads, houses, animals and everything in between. One of the things I take the most photos of (besides running paths, trails and vistas) is signs. I take photos of them everywhere. Sometimes it's fun to interpret pictures that are not accommodated by words; sometimes the language barrier makes the sign have a different meaning; sometimes the grammar makes the sign amusing. I like them all!

Genuine Irony is cheap these days. Fresh Ideas are not.

Sign on Muni: Information Gladly Given but Safety Requires Avoiding Unnecessary Conversation

I need these folders

At the tire shop: things we found in tires

Seen when I was paddle boarding

Before you can eat it, it will clean your kitchen

Maybe the quotes should be around the word "dump"

This house does not have a back door

Seen in a bathroom near the running trail

As seen in New Orleans

See also signs from: More USA, Vietnam, Even More USA, Thailand, Chinese, South America.

What makes a sign funny to you? What's the funniest sign you have seen? Does bad grammar on signs make you cringe/laugh/whip out your camera?


  1. ha-great photos! I think I should start something similar!

  2. Those are great. I love the irony/fresh ideas signs :)

  3. Ha, those are great! I never encounter funny signs like you do, so I always enjoy it when you post ones you have seen.

    Bad grammar makes me cringe!!

  4. Oh man I encounter so many funny signs. I'm totally going to start taking pictures of them!

  5. Ha! Those are awesome! I love the hippies use the back door... :)

  6. So funny! Thanks for the giggle.

  7. Those are some priceless signs. I love the no poop one, myself. There used to be a cleaners I'd pass on my way home from work with a big sign out front: Drop Your Pants Here! hahaha.

  8. I love messed up signs. I always wonder how many comments they get, but I never ask.

  9. These are so funny:) I must have missed this post.


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