All's Quiet on the Western Front

This week has been a quiet one. I am still working on sorting photos and files and trying to make sure I have everything backed up and categorized. It's not very exciting to talk about, but it is fun to go through and look at some of the photos from the last several years.

I also decided just for fun to do Fat Mumslim's February instagram photo challenge. Except since I don't have cell service, and therefore don't have internet on my phone, I can't do the Instagram part of it. So I am just taking the photos and I may post a few of them here...or I may not. I do have the first few days. Also, since I am not using Instagram, I am doing editing with pixlr, which has a lot of fun borders, textures and colors. I don't usually edit my photos at all. I kind of like the way they look without it. I kind of take photos with the idea that I want it right so I don't have to edit it. But with these, they will be edited to the max. I am having fun experimenting with all the different choices.

So grab a beer (inspired by Kim) and check out what I've been doing!

First, the Feb Photo Challenge. You can find the entire list HERE

 Day One: My View

Day Two: Words

Day Three: Hands


"Mexican Fiesta Monday" or "Trying to eat foods of all colors"

I ran that race. They gave us an interesting medal.

I experimented with my Macro extension tubes
I still don't really know what I am doing. 

Remember Papa P? Yep, he's still around. 
And now he is a victim of my macro extension tubes. Wooohhahahaa.

 I went on a really nice walk with the ladies. 
A just got her bangs cut for the first time. So cute!

The snow melted, so I am back on the trails again! 
This week it has been really hard to get motivated for running!
I don't know why. The weather couldn't be more perfect. 

Since today is also the Superbowl, let me leave you with this interesting calorie cost comparison. You can find the entire list HERE.

- Blimpie's Super Stacked Blimpie Best = 313 Mins of Chanting, Pointing, Waving a Foam-Hand

- Three Pigs in a Blanket = Playing Catch With a Football for 68 Minutes (NONSTOP)

- Six Bottles of Budweiser = Doing "the Wave" 4,280 Times 

Eat smart everyone! Or else you will be doing the wave a LOT of times! 

What is your go-to Superbowl snack food? Are you doing any challenges in February?


  1. I am doing Feb photo a day, too, and am posting mine on twitter!

    Your view is so gorgeous!!

    I am sure the next 3-4 days of eating will not be very healthy for me... such is life when you are traveling, I guess. I am definitely eating healthy today as I won't have control over where/what we eat the next 3!

  2. That's a whole lot of The Wave!

    Your pictures are all so pretty!

  3. Love all your great pictures! I wish I had a better camera, mine does all right but doesn't have any fancy settings.

  4. You have some great photos from this month already :) One of these month I'm definitely going to do a photo a day challenge. I probably take at least 1 photo most days, but sometimes it's of my kids at work and I can't post those, so it would take some effort.

  5. Beautiful view! Makes me feel like I should go home more often ... and it's been years since I've driven down the canyon, might have to do that one day just so Chris can see it!

  6. Your pictures are beautiful! The view is gorgeous in the first shot.


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