Currently: June

Current Book - Lucy Sullivan's Getting Married -- Marian Keyes (it's a total chick flick book but it's a fast easy read, which is what I need)

Current Running Path - Okay well this was on June first, but I am counting it as "current".

Dear paradise, please don't leave me. You're so beautiful. I want to stay with you forever. #roatan #nofilter #beachvacation
Beach running in West Bay

Current Drink - Iced tea with lots of lemon 

Current Excitement - Weekends! The next few are full of friends, running,  hiking, travel and fun! 

Current fashion trend - I see a lot of these chain earrings around lately. 

Current Favorite Blog/Website - I did a history search and some of my top visited pages are...Gmail, Yelp and Reader. I guess I should buy stock in Google!  

Current Garden Item - Green beans and radishes! Not enough to really do much with but they are still good! We also have some green tomatoes! I can't wait for their ripeness! 

Current Love - Long days! I sometimes don't realize it but it's already past 9, which is officially my bed time, but lately I have not even been feeling as tired! 

Current Food - Avocados, cherries, melons

Current Indulgence - I had pizza and coke for lunch yesterday! It's not often I have that but it was brought in for us since we are doing training. They were both pretty good but the coke leaves a weird taste in my mouth that I don't love.  

Currently Pondering - Why no matter how often I scrub the (white tile) floor, it always looks like nobody ever cleans it. Note to self: NEVER use white grout. It becomes grey/brown grout in no time flat. 

Current Mood - Good. Really good. I'm about to burst into, "the hills are alive..." in a minute.

Current New Find - Probar chews and bars. I got them as a free sample, which sometimes doesn't work out that great, but these are really good! 

Current Outfit - Just kidding! This isn't me, but I had to post it. When I went to the Bottlerock music festival, a lot of people were wearing these shorts. A LOT! With the butt cheeks and everything! And if you look close enough (if you dare) you can also see her leopard undies. If you want more pics, I have more. My brother and I had a good time playing "spot the butt cheek shorts" or the "who can take the most inappropriate photos at the festival" game (yes we are weird. Whatever).

booty shorts

Current Peeve - Bus drivers who speed, switch lanes a lot and make comments (or swear) at the other drivers. Chill out, yo. You have dozens of lives in your hands. 
Current Song - ...Put your hands up...turn around...


Current Triumph - A new PR! More about that later! 
Current TV Show -  North America on Discovery Channel

Current Wish-List - crampons and an ice axe

Currently Delaying - (this is a long list...) writing thank you notes, fixing the sprinkler system, taking a load to Goodwill, doing a tune up on the bike... there are more; I am embarrassed to admit...

What are you currently delaying (is it as many things as I am)? Do you play embarrassing fun games with your friends/family when you are in good people watching areas or on long trips? 


  1. Oh I have so much to catch up on that is just getting put in the "once school is done" pile! 2 more weeks!! Those shorts are well....go for her! I definitely couldn't rock those...nor do I want to!! I LOVE people watching!!!

  2. I knocked a "delaying" thing off my list today -- all the art we've collected in Africa and India over the last five years I brought into the frame shop. At our next house I'll be able to unpack it and hang it on the wall!

  3. Looks like a really fun (busy!) month! Enjoy! Those shorts are ridiculous.

  4. You say weird, I say fantastic. Butt cheek pictures? that sounds like something the wife and I would compete at. outstanding. and yes if you have more, please send some.

  5. I think I was going to say something about how weird coke tastes when you aren't used to it, but those shorts kind of knocked coherent thoughts right out of my head. Yikes! Who would put those on and think yep, lookin' good!?

  6. Oh my god. Those shorts. Seriously people!!!!!!!

  7. OMG, those shorts. Wow. And hilarious that you were taking pictures. So funny.

    The long days are really awesome. Although it is weird to be ready for bed while it's still light out.

  8. THOSE SHORTS. OMG. What are people thinking?!?! OMG.

    I had to look up what crampons were because it sounds like some horrible PMS/period thing... like "cramps" and "tampons" together and then you also wanted an ice axe and I WAS JUST SCARED FOR EVERYONE. ;) Glad to hear it's NOT what I was thinking about AT ALL.

  9. You haven't migrated to Feedly yet? Get to it, girl. Reader disappears in a couple weeks! And that photo ... good thing I didn't just eat. Oh, and I still haven't cleaned out my closet. What was that you said about 10 minutes a day? ha.

  10. wow. Those shorts are epically bad!

    I am currently procrastinating on finding a replacement for reader. But I might try to tackle it this Sunday as it is going away very soon!

    I am glad that you are feeling so happy these days! That is the best feeling.


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