Over and Over Again

I am currently on week 8 of training for Boston. This training schedule, like my last, I decided to (loosely) follow Hal Higdon's Advanced training program. I have already mentioned how I don't really follow it to a T, because it calls for 6 days of running per week. Sometimes it doesn't matter if you change it up during training a little bit. However, there are many that you have to do the same each time. This takes a lot of experimentation and it took me a while to figure out what did and did not work for me.

A typical training week includes:

- On weekdays, I run twice after work. Lately this has consisted of one easy day and one day of speed work. I have mentioned this before, but my intervals of choice are Yasso 800s. If you are not familiar, this is where you take your marathon goal time in hours (mine is 3:30) and you run an 800 meter interval in that many minutes. So I would have to run each 800 interval at a 7 minute mile pace. It really kicks my butt, let me tell you! I do feel that it helps a lot with overall speed. 

- On weekends I do one easy run and one long run. The long run is usually between two and three hours and I've been using it to explore the area. One of my favorite long runs is a long loop around Oakland and through Berkeley, ending with a loop around Lake Merritt before heading home.

- I always eat breakfast on long run days, usually around a half an hour before the run. I always eat the same thing, steel cut oats with fruit and Silk Almond milk. If I am traveling or at someone else's house, I have Cheerios instead. It gives me a great hearty meal before heading out and the almond milk does not give me any tummy issues (like real milk does) while I am running. I actually use Silk milk instead of regular milk in everything. I also use it to make lattes, smoothies, baked goods and other things like mac and cheese or pumpkin curry. You can find tons of great recipes on their Facebook page. I use the unsweetened kind, since it doesn't overpower whatever you are making. *

Travel breakfast

- I almost always listen to music, unless I am running with someone else. Lately, a great companion has been this Pandora station. I find that rap has a beat that makes my steps just a little bit faster.

- I try to get out onto the trails once a week, but there isn't always enough time. When I do make time for it, I really enjoy the change in scenery, the quietness, being in nature AND it's a great way to get stronger legs and to work all of your muscles, therefore hopefully keeping injuries at bay. Some of my favorite trails are in the East Bay Parks near my house but I am finding great ones all over the Bay Area!

I only have 10 more weeks of training and here's hoping that the next 10 go as well as the last 7 have!

Do you have any training tips or tricks for me? What does your typical week look like? If you are a non-runner, what is your favorite outdoor activity? 

*FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own.


  1. Boston is going to come so fast! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

    I usually run after week 3 times a week, bike before work 1 time a week, and then run on Sat or Sun. I am not really training for anything right now so my schedule is pretty lax. I try to run 4-5 days a week but am not too hard on myself if my mileage is low (or i try not to be). It's been so freakishly cold here lately, I have not done a long run in a long time as I just can't stand running outdoors when it's so crazy cold. So hopefully the temps normalize soon so I can head outdoors on the weekend!

  2. My go to breakfast is usually a bagel or toast with PB & honey. I really wish I could stick to speed work but I'm such a slacker in that department. Sounds like you have a solid training plan going!

  3. I keep forgetting that you're running Boston, because talking about it doesn't seem to consume your blog posts. And then you name drop the marathon and I get excited all over again for you!

  4. I love almond milk but I use the vanilla flavored kind:) I mix it with ice and protien/greens mix every morning. I am a runner, but my fave outdoor activity is hiking:) Can't wait for nicer weather!

  5. Only 10 weeks away?? Wow! So excited for you. Your training sounds very similar to mine. I've been taking it easy for two weeks post marathon, but am ready to start adding some intensity back in.

  6. I love Almond milk. I like it so much better than regular milk. I usually get the vanilla flavored for my cereal, but the unsweetened is really good too.

  7. At least you have better weather for training!! It's cold and wintery here!
    I like Hal's programs. It ALL sounds great:)

  8. I often forget your running Boston, because talking about it doesn't seem to burn your blog posts. And then your name once again the marathon and I feel excited!

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