Ten Days of Thanksgiving: Days 9 and 10

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope that you are actually reading this on Friday, after you have successfully stuffed yourself with food on Thursday and so you couldn’t get off the couch, even to read blogs (gasp)! Or maybe it’s Thursday and you are tired of watching your uncle Leo yell at the football game, so you have popped online for a brief respite!

Today marks the last two days of Ten Days of Thanksgiving (inspired by Lisa). It has been fun to do this, both to remember the little things and because it makes me realize how many there are! It was HARD to narrow it down to only 10! I hope that you joined along, whether publicly or privately, and that we all keep remembering to be glad of the little things all year round. Happy Holidays!

And now, numbers 9 and 10!

United Airlines: I have to admit, I sometimes use Delta, but generally United carries me across the nation to see the ones that I love. Be it West or East, United gets me to where I need to go. Luckily I travel a lot for work, so when I want to travel for pleasure, I have a few points saved up for fun! Also, earlier this year when my flight from San Francisco to Sacramento (a 30 minute flight) was delayed for a couple of hours, they gave me a $200 voucher for my troubles. Thanks to United, today I am Back East, celebrating the overeating of turkey and the playing of Pictionary with my friends and family. 

In addition to the United plane seen here, I saw Air Force One in San Francisco!!!

Travel: I am thankful for travel for many different reasons. First, I find that travel broadens the mind and opens up the horizons. No matter if you are going to Missouri or France, you learn something about people, history and landscapes, just from going to a new place. And from there, you may learn something about yourself. Other than that, I am thankful that I get to travel. This year I was lucky enough to go on several trips, including a Round The World trip which ended in May! I also got to spend a lot of time with friends and family, which has been great since I am normally so far away from them!

Going boonie bashing with my parents -- Northern CA

Me and Mark Twain -- Hartford, CT

River Float Trip -- Current River, MO

Drinks at Limon with H -- San Francisco, CA

Grandma S's house -- MA

Fishing with Bro -- Marin County, CA
Racing with M -- Newburyport, MA

Me and Dad -- Markleeville, CA

Dancing with Penguins -- KC, MO

A's first birthday -- Sacramento, CA

Road Trip to Reno, NV

Cardinals Game -- St. Louis, MO

NYC, NY with the B's
Meetup with Lisa -- Minneapolis, MN
Raise your glass! A, K and K -- East Bay, CA
 I hope that you are having a great day with YOUR friends and family! Gobble, gobble!

Where have you traveled this year? Do you travel for work or for fun? Do you get to see your friends and family a lot? 


  1. I love that I got to be part of your list of travels for the year!

    I love doing this post feature each year because it often seems like we spend alot of time thinking about what we want or don't have, or what we are striving for, and sometimes we overlook the wonderful things right in front of our eyes!!

    Have a great Thanksgiving! I am reading this as I eat my toast & drink my coffee before my Drumstick Dash 10k. it's going to be a slow run as I haven't ran much lately (still sick, started my 5th round of antibiotics this week) and my left foot feels funny... But i will burn some calories to SORT OF offset all I will eat over the next 2 days!

  2. I love that I got to meet you while you were traveling! This is such a great feature that Lisa did, and I hope that I can be organized enough to do it next year.

    I'm reading while M. makes some brunch to fortify us for a day of relaxing and cooking and eating delicious food this evening.

  3. You have been so many places this year!! How cool! I have to admit I'm a little jealous. When I traveled for work, I loved it and I really miss it.

    This year I didn't travel anywhere besides road trips up to Minneapolis, down to Kansas City or over to Omaha. ;)

  4. Oh, WAIT! We went to Niagara Falls in the spring! I DID TRAVEL! Ha!

    (I think the food has gone to my brain...)


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