Currently: March

I have not done one of these in a long time! However, I am "currently" procrastinating doing a few other things, so why not?

Reading:  The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri.

Loving: The weather, working in the yard, running friends and cottage cheese and fruit.

Thinking: About getting my planter boxes finished and putting in some veggies soon! I just need to decide what!

Frustrated: About plumbing. I would rather be an electrician or a carpenter. Just don't make me work in cramped spaces with pipes or poop!

Feeling:  A little hungry still, even though I just ate a couple of hours ago!

Anticipating:  Next weekend's trip to the Grand Canyon where I will be doing a R2R2R with friends. We have heard reports of ice though, so we may not be able to complete the entire thing right now. However, there will not be very many crowds so we will be able to appreciate the beauty even more than normal!

Watching: Twin Peaks. A running friend could not believe I had not seen it so I decided to give it a go. If you aren't familiar, it's a murder mystery show from the early 90s. It's set in Washington, where my friend is from and he said that watching it is an absolute must. It's a bit quirky, but is fun so far.

Working: A lot lately. We have been extra busy, plus we are interviewing people, plus we have been short a man from time to time (and will be again this week) so it's been very go, go, go lately. However, it's still a fun challenge, not a frustrating one!

Grateful: For family. I had a fun weekend with my mom last week and a great lunch with my brother this weekend and in both cases, we had a good time catching up and chatting. There is something to be said about people who know all parts of you, especially the bad ones, and who you can be yourself around, no matter what.

Listening: To a few new podcasts in addition to the regular standbys, namely Reveal and Criminal.

Wishing: There was more time in a day. I would love an extra hour or two if possible! There are just too many fun things to do (after getting all the responsible ones done, of course).

What are you listening to? What are you anticipating? 


  1. I would like more hours in the day as well. Plus it didn't help that we lost one yesterday! The extra evening daylight will be nice but the first couple of days are always an adjustment!!

    I hope you are enjoying namesake. I really love that author. We read her book, "Lowland" for book club a couple of years ago and I really enjoyed it!

    I'm listening to my usual podcasts and nothing new. I was just listening to the NYT book review podcast while getting ready/making breakfast and it makes me want to buy the book "Exit West" (it's a new release so has a loooong wait). It was one of the books I could have selected for the Book of the Month club but the description on there didn't appeal to me. Now I'm wishing I had picked it! I'm anticipating warmer weather as we got over 3" of snow last night. It's pretty outside but I'm over winter!! And I'm anticipating lots of things related to the wedding, like my showers, bach party, and the actual event - and seeing you!!!

  2. I have never seen Twin Peaks either but with all the time I spend/have spent in Washington, I really should... watched the Twilight series for that reason!

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