Where I'm From

I am from red wagons, black Labrador retrievers, and sandwiches made from crunchy Skippy peanut butter and Smuckers strawberry jam.  

I am from the hundred year old house where my Dad grew up, the green, cold river where the otters play and the hot granite rocks where we lay like lizards in the summer.

I am from the cedars, the pines and the fir trees, and from the apple trees, the lilacs and the blackberry bushes.

I am from being the first to swim in cold creek in the springtime and from tenacity and independence, and from Barbara and The Leonards and The Nyes.

I am from the bossy ones who sometimes interrupt people and the ones who are frequently late.

I’m from if you make that face it will someday stick like that, from I’m going to give you the wooden spoon if you don’t behave, from put your napkin in your lap, don’t interrupt and sit up straight.

I am from Agnostic and Episcopalian and random churches visits on Easter day. I’m from Hercules and Aphrodite and Thor.

I’m from the Bay Area and the Mayflower, tuna casserole and omelets.

I am from the ones who went and got married without telling anyone, the reformed alcoholic, and the self-employed.  

I am from a box in the attic, a stack of VCR tapes, photos with yellowed edges and 8mm reels, from classic cars, journal pages and games played around the living room table.

I am from laughter and love, family and friend, from chaos and tears, from good and from bad.

I am from them all, and I wouldn’t be from anything or anywhere else.   

This prompt was taken from MamaKat -- go here and you can do it too!


  1. What a fun writing exercise! I loved learning more about you like this!

  2. This is a great way to get to know you more!

  3. Love this! A very fun way to learn about you. And very well-written, too!

  4. Oo, this was really fun to read! here are a few that describe where I am from:

    I am from homemade spaghetti sauce, tomato juice, and canned tomatoes.

    I am from fights with my siblings and inevitable family drama, but surrounded by unconditional love.

    I am from independence, perserverance, and self-proprietorship.

  5. i love this prompt. i think ive started it about 4 times but im too tired to get it right!

  6. Well, that was so much fun. Must have been fun for you to do the recollections and put it together too.


  7. I love this! So well written and took me right back to my own childhood.

  8. I adore this post, and loved getting read where you are from in such an original way. Perfection!


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