Looking Back: August

From here on out, this space will be called the "looking back" space. Before I go on, I am looking forward to Fall! Okay, now I am not just all about looking back. August is always a busy month: Last year I studied for and passed a licensing exam, took a vacation and still managed to run 189 miles (phew). This year was a lot less study, but was still packed solid every weekend of the month!

Running: For the first time in a long time, in August I dropped below 100 miles. My heart (brain/legs, etc) is just is not in it. My total for the month was about 85 miles of running. However, I am still loving the outdoors! August also brought 40 miles of cycling, 109 miles of hiking, 21 miles of walking, 1 open water swim, 1 kayak trip and 1 hour of strength training. All in all, this equals about 256 miles of "activity." I will take what I can get!

Reading: I read 4 books, and none of them really knocked my socks off.... The best two were probably The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant and Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng.

Travel: Not a lot of running; not a lot of reading...but there was a lot of travel. There were 5 weekends in August and I spent them in 5 different places: Yosemite, Humboldt County (redwoods), Taylorsville (Dad's first half marathon), Milan and Chamonix (UTMB). Due to all of this, I have added a new category, which I will move on to now...

Family, Friends and Food: August really is "family, friends and food" month. The first weekend was a great trip to the lesser known regions of Yosemite park, aka, not the valley, where I spent some time camping and running with friends. The next weekend was another camping trip, but this time it was in the opposite direction, north along the coast, into the redwoods. It was great hanging out with the "in-laws" and my brother while swimming, playing catchphrase and drinking plenty of cold beer.

View of Half Dome from North Dome

The next weekend was ANOTHER camping trip, this time with the whole fam damily, and when I say whole, I mean three (or four?) generations of crazy, dirty, active, fun and loud family members. It was a side of the family that I don't see as often, and it was a lot of fun! My dad ran his first half marathon and kicked some major butt in the process (first in his age group and 7th overall)!!

Dad after his "Running of the Bears" win

After that, it was off to Europe for my annual vacation, where I ate baguettes and cheese, drank wine, hiked in the Alps, cheered on my friend at UTMB and in general had a lot of fun and time exploring the outdoors. I tired myself out so much, that I never even had time to read the 10 books (or even 4!) that I brought with me on my Kindle. Every night was a good night's sleep and I woke up each day ready for another adventure. Now I am busy resting from my vacation....just kidding! It's been straight back to the old grind with no easing in!

So...how was your August? What annual summer traditions do you have? Are you ready for Fall yet? 


  1. Holy cannasta! I can not believe how much you packed into the month of August! I got tired just reading about it! ;) Sounds like you had excellent adventures, though! I think it's understandable that you are not feeling the running miles right now. We all need a break once and awhile and your other activities definitely made up for the lower running miles! I want to see pictures from your hikes!

    Congrats to your dad for winning his age group and taking 7th overall! Dang, he is fast!!!! I can see where you get your speed from. ;)

    August was kind of a blur for me. I went to my parents twice and to Chicago for work and besides that I logged a lot of miles and kept busy with work and other social obligations. I also did not sleep well in August so I felt like a zombie for much of the month. My summer tradition is to go to the lake often but I only made it there 3 times this year as our summer was so busy and I just can't handle being out of town multiple weekends in a row (I don't know how you do it!!). Summer felt so short so I am not ready for fall although I am ready for fall running weather as I much prefer that to running in the heat and humidity!

  2. My goodness, Girl, you do get busy! I am exhausted just reading about it. Can't WAIT to see what September holds for you!

  3. That sounds like a great month! My August was jam-packed with work and it sucked.

  4. Ahm, I'd say your August was PRETTY AWESOME! Also, 85 miles is still more than I ever ran in a month... so, stop it ;)

  5. You had quite the busy month! I have to know...do you ever sit still? ;)

  6. What a busy month you had! I can't wait to hear more about your Europe adventures. I agree with Leigh, you must never really sit still and you pack so much in! It does sound a bit exhausting but I also admire your sense of adventure and fun!!


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