Don We Now

I love the holidays! Everything is so festive, the fire is going strong, things are being made with love and there is just a certain something in the air. Therefore, this week has been full of Christmas related activities! Grab your mulled wine and check out what they were (inspired by Kim)!

There was some decking of railings with bows.

The advent calendar came out of it's box (yes, a tad late but such is life).

I ran here. It's getting colder. It was probably in the 20s. 

Oh the wintery river. Doesn't it just LOOK cold?

I am Santa's little elf. I did a lot of this.

 I played around with my camera and the tree.

I baked a lot of these. And why not? Remember what I said about the running

I met up with some friends and we finished up our shopping and then went to the Sierra Nevada Brewery for lunch. 

Fa-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la. 

What did you do this week? Did you finish your shopping? Are you ready for Christmas?


  1. I love those tree photos! So fun.

    I finished my holiday shopping yesterday. It was an epic adventure in appliance buying. And afterwards I felt so fully adult that I had to go to Target and buy myself a Hello Kitty stocking to counter that. :)

  2. I love those photos of the tree as well - so cool! It's a little weird this year because without our family it doesn't feel as festive, but I'm slowly getting into the spirit!

  3. I still have a couple people to buy for, but other than that I just need to wrap the gifts!

  4. Those tree photos are awesome!

    I am done with my shopping. I think. I might buy an outfit for my nephew Charlie if I can find something cute, but everything else is bought and wrapped!

  5. Sounds like a busy and fun week. Is it bad if I admit that I haven't even really thought about shopping much. I have no idea what I'm getting anyone and I don't even care.

  6. Sierra Nevada brewery, oh dear lord what a great beverage. Back in the '80's Sierra Nevada was a well respected "microbrew".
    I don't drink anymore, but remember this great brew.
    Have a very happy Christmas.

  7. Your tree bokeh is wayyyy cool! I have yet to try to take some cool Christmas tree bokeh photos. I have seen tutorials everywhere, but haven't gotten up the gumption to actually try it.

    I also love your advent calendar. It looks loved. :)

    I did my big shopping early, but I'm in denial that the little things need to be done by Sunday. Yikes!

  8. That picture of the Christmas tree where the lights look all swirly - that is AWESOME!

    I have ONE present left to buy, and the thought of going into a store again is actually painful!


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