Fizzy Friday

At work we always call Fridays "fizzy Friday", since the end of the week has the normal everyday tasks as well as the wrap up tasks for the week. It is a day where unfortunately it is usually hard to get off early. Everyone is excited for the weekend and the energy level is high. This can be good if the energy is directed to the right place, or it can be a bit chaotic if it is not.

The high of my week was hard to determine. I spent the weekend + Monday in Yosemite, hiking and hanging out with my family, which was great. I also had some very good news regarding my secret project, which I will have to tell you about soon! It's been a good week!

The low of my week was the drive back from Yosemite, which was long. However, I am not very well versed in all of the Taylor Swift and Maroon 5 songs that are being played on the radio.

The book I am reading is Still Life with Breadcrumbs and Boy, Snow, Bird. I generally take my Kindle on my commute with me and read a hard back book at home. Both are okay, and I am about half way through them.

For my workouts, I completed a hike/run in Yosemite on Saturday, I hiked to Half Dome on Sunday and a hike and a walk in Yosemite on Monday and nothing the rest of the week. I have a race tomorrow and I have been "resting" for the race.

The best money I spent was for Yosemite: campground, park entry, car rental, gas and food.

My weekend plans include a trail race tomorrow and some errands, shopping, packing, sorting and organizing on Sunday.

What book are you reading? What was the high of your week? 


  1. Good luck with your race! I hope you have fun! Camping in Yosemite sounds awesome - I'd love to see pictures!

    I just started "Man's Search for Meaning" which is supposed to be good but heavy. It's written by a survivor of Auschwitz so clearly it will not be a light book! I read and liked "Still Life with Breadcrumb" but I mostly liked it because I thought it was beautifully written... but the lack of a plot made it drag for me a bit. The high of my week was spending Tuesday night with Phil. We went for a run in my neighborhood and then grilled.

  2. Reading plays right now mostly...and one monster book on the history of cities and civilizations. And fully recovered from a half marathon where I very unexpectedly PRed. Happy birthday month! It's been awhile, and I hope all is well. Might solicit you for advice as I eventually transition into trail runs....looking forward to hearing more about your "secret project"!

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  5. God Luck! and my luck, Friday is our holiday! I can fly on this day and can freeze if I wish :) Fon" !


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