Monday, Fun Day

Dear Monday -- Please go away. You are not as fun to play with as Saturday.

Dear Sleep -- Why have you abandoned me? We had such a great time on Friday night, but last night, you were gone.

Dear August -- You are so far away but you are already full. Why does it seem like everything happens all in the same month? I am looking forward to you but dreading you at the same time.

Dear Hair -- Today we will part ways. I am not sure how it will turn out, but I am sure that most of you will be gone.

Dear Running -- I miss you.

Dear California -- Your weather has been great and I love it. However, we really, REALLY need some rain. I would gladly sacrifice a few nice days now for good fruit prices later on!

Dear Toilet -- Why are you running?

Dear Closet full of work shirts -- Why don't any of you fit any more? Did I get taller or did you get shorter? I think it's time for you to be replaced.

Dear Readers -- who do you want to write a letter to today?


  1. Hahaha. Dear Monday please go away sounds like a good idea to me! Please post a picture of your hair cut, I've been jonesing to cut mine for a couple of weeks now!

  2. Dear customers: Why did you all wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you rude jerks?

  3. Ha this is a fun post idea. Mine would be:

    Dear sleep - what must we have such an awful relationship. I want to make it work, let me know what I need to do.

    Dear static electricity - you make it so painful to turn light switches off and on. I hope your friend humidity returns soon because clearly the humidifier I bought is not helping you.

    Dear Mother Nature - I kind of hate you right now. No really. -25 degree wind chills are so awful and unnecessary.

  4. Dear Brain, Please stay focused so you don't have a melt down from not running. Dear Feet, I'm trying hard to rest you and get you strong again so I can at least jog a mile!!! I'm trying!!! Plus I have to walk around school. OY! Dear Fat, Can you please diminish as I'm trying to cut back on calories and do more ab/core workouts??

  5. Dear Saturday - I love you :-) (as I'm waiting for the rain, sitting in my pjs with my snuggly dogs and catching up on blog reading)


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