Golden Gate Trail 30k

Remember the last half? The one where I fell? Well I guess I hadn't had enough because I went back to the scene of the crime for more, but this time, I decided to tackle the 30k. This was my first 30k and I wasn't sure how it would go. I have been running long runs of 20 miles, but they were on flat ground and this was going to be quite hilly. Here is the elevation profile.

According to the Coastal website, this would be approximately 4000 ft of elevation gain. I have run Coastal races before and have always liked them. They are in gorgeous places, the courses are varying, the snacks are great and the staff, volunteers and other runners are all very friendly. The usual players were in attendance: Broski and my friend TJ, who is one of my long run buddies but hasn't really done a lot of trail running. TJ and I ran the 30k and Broski ran the half.

The race started here, at Rodeo Beach:

Rodeo Beach

It was a nice clear and crisp day and the course, as you can see from the above map, started off by going straight uphill. And then straight down to the aid station. And then straight up. That's the thing about these trail races; it is very uncommon to have many flat areas. This one was no different.

Golden Gate Trail 30k hill

The cool thing about the course is that it goes through scrubby coastal areas, and then through Eucalyptus groves and then through open fields. There are views of the other hills, of the bay, the ocean, the city and the Golden Gate bridge. The entire time there is a nice fresh, cooling sea breeze. It was great. TJ and I basically chatted the entire time, just like we do on our long runs, and the run went by in a flash. At the end we ran it out although I have to admit, the quads were a bit tired.

We finished in 3:11:23. We got number 22 and 23 out of 100 runners for the 30k. Broski got 2:08, which was almost as good as his FLAT half marathon PR!! He is much faster without me (last time we got around a 2:30). He got #57 out of 232! He said he only walked once or twice. Go Broski!

All in all it was a great run on a beautiful day and I would return to THAT scene of the crime again in a heartbeat. 

What did you do on Sunday? Have you ever run a race with a friend? Do you like running hills?


  1. Nice job all around. That elevation profile looks a little rough. I don't mind hills, which is good since I lots of them, but I sure don't like to race them.

  2. Beautiful! I'm a fan of hills!

  3. Nice work out there! Congrats!

  4. That looks like an awesome run, and you did a great time with all those hills! I have a coastal trail run next weekend but it is summer here so the sea breeze is especially welcome. I believe we are getting wet en route!

  5. Good job! That's a tough elevation profile for sure. Crazy stuff going on there.

  6. Your hill running strength amazes me... I would have been really struggling! Congrats to both of you on such strong races!

  7. That looks killer! The weather looks amazing though, jealous:) Way to go! I have run races with friends and I have a really hard time sticking with them if they are slower than me. Rude I know. We usually agree to go our own pace. I ran my only full mary with my husband and we stayed together the whole time:)

  8. Great job to you and your brother! That looks like a really rough course.


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