The Last Half

Last week I asked my brother if he would want to run one last race with me in 2012. It was a trail race and there were four options: 8k, Half Marathon, 30k or 50k. I was going to run the 30k and assumed he would want to run the 8k, since it was a pretty steep race and I figured he would want to take it kind of easy for his first trail race.

He chose the half marathon. So we did it together.

Rodeo Beach Trail Race

It was good! It started off in Rodeo Beach in the Marin Headlands and the first mile was a half mile out and back on a road. We missed the turn and followed some other runners, so ended up running about an extra half mile right at the get go. Then it started uphill.

For the next two miles, we climbed about 700 feet. Broski wanted to run the hills, but I was trying to be the voice of reason and remind him that we sill had a long way to go!

Once we got to mile four, the trail went downhill again by about 500 feet, where we stopped for some snacks. Broski had to lube up and luckily in most trail races they have everything you need at the aid stations! We ate a few pretzles and a swig of coke and then it was back uphill for another 700 feet. We walked it and were passed by quite a few people at this point.

At the next aid station, which was at mile 10, Broski admitted to being pretty tired in the legs and said he "hoped there were no more uphills or steep downhills!" Luckily there weren't. From there it was a pretty steady decline to the end.

About a tenth of a mile from the end, I was enjoying the view while running down a small hill and I tripped on a rock and fell, scraping up my hands and knee pretty bad. Luckily only a couple of people saw me! Because that is what really matters...

We finished in 2:37 with smiles on our faces. Okay that was a lie. I had a grimace because I had rocks and dirt stuck in my knee and I was bleeding everywhere. Broski had a grimace because his legs felt like rubber rocks and he just wanted this to be over with.

So now my brother will probably never run with me again.

Total Elevation Gain: 2,200 ft
Average pace: 11:19
Kicking your brother's a**: Timeless

Have you ever run a trail race with a significant elevation gain? What is the hardest race you have ever run? Have you ever fallen down and skinned your knee (as an adult)?


  1. Wow sounds like a killer! Hope your knee feels better:) I have never fallen in a race, but one time I tripped while shopping and broke my sandal and ripped a hole in my pants. Luckily nobody saw me, but when I picture it, it makes me laugh!

  2. That looks hard...but so worth the climb!! Beautiful!!!

  3. haha, nice! Got to love kicking your brothers ass. That sounds like a fun race. I'm still scared of trails like that.

  4. What a great experience to run together though! That picture is gorgeous! The only time I've almost fallen while running in the last year was when I tripped over one of the dogs....unless you count a recent snowshoeing trip when I fell..with the dogs....going down a bunny hill....in front of about 75 people. No scrapes and I laughed it off...but still annoying! :)

  5. Glad to know you didn't suffer too much damage or humiliation in your fall. I'm relatively klutzy and have fallen a number of times as an adult. So far I haven't taken a spill during a race, but I'm pretty sure it's only a matter of time. It looks like it was a beautiful course!

  6. I think he'll run with you again - give him time, and he'll realise what fun he really had!!
    I haven't fallen as yet, but on trails I've come close many times. My biggest fright was hitting my head on the low roof of a rock tunnel as I was coming out - I was a bit dizzy for a while, but finished!

  7. ugh! i tripped up a step today while going through houses with a friend and oh the realtor and her totally got to watch my completely graceless fall!

  8. I love the views from your photo - stunning! I think the hardest races I have ever run were marathons with hills, meaning San Diego, Marine Corps (Washington DC) and NYC. Weak? Maybe. But, c'mon, I train at a total disadvantage here in Chicago! =)

  9. Way to go! That is awesome that you did a trail race together. Bummer about taking a fall like that.

    I think my toughest race was the Cherry Blossom 10 mile race I did in 2011. I don't know if I was sick or what, but I puked twice during that run - and the 2nd time i got some on myself and on my shoes (TMI much?). Ick. I felt so gross and disgusting and wanted to cry at the end. But i finished that stupid race (with a horrible time).

  10. Wow, that is a tough run! Great job and the photo is amazing :)

  11. First - that picture with the low clouds is gorgeous.

    Great job on the race. It sounds super challenging. You finished in a great time! Congratulations! I'm sure your brother will reconsider, especially since I'm guessing he wasn't so pleased that you beat him.

    Happy New Year!!

  12. Great job on a tough half marathon and beating your brother :). Hope your knees didn't have any lasting damage from the fall.

  13. Probably the last time he'll run early hills in a race like that, right? :^)

    It looks beautiful! A great race to finish 2012....

  14. Oh he will definitely be back for more! Quite a team you are becoming. I love your race recaps... you always make me glad it's you and not me! hahaa

    How's the knee?

  15. Races like that sound rough! I have always been interesting in trail races (probably because we don't have anything like that around here!) but I don't think I am tough enough to actually do it!

  16. That picture is beautiful! It sounds like you ended the year with a really tough race. Great job Kyria!

  17. I have never run a race with that kind of elevation, but your pictures make it look like I must someday! Sorry about your fall... are you feeling 100% now?

  18. I rolled my ankle stepping on a rock on a trail run once. Strained my Achilles' tendon and sprained two ligaments. I'm glad you got away with just some scrapes!


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