Cream or Sugar?

A few days ago, I kind eavesdropped on Amber's virtual coffee date. She did most of the talking, but I really enjoyed it, so I thought I would invite you to have coffee with me and I would do some of the talking this time.

What are you having? I am buying. A latte? I am drinking a non-fat peppermint mocha, light on the mint, light on the chocolate. Double the whipped cream.

Things have been going well over here. The weather has been great and I have been enjoying it and getting outside and doing things. People talk about how San Francisco is the foggy city, but lately, it's been clear as a bell. Going to work, as ironic as it seems, has been great, since I have to go over the bay bridge and I get a view of the city each morning. It is like a little two minute pep talk each morning. It gets my day started right.

Speaking of work, it never gets old. About three months after I started, just as I was starting to understand what I was doing and to finally feel like I was doing things right, they switched me into a different department. Since then I have been slowly learning the ropes in the new position, but I have a long way to go. Every day I feel like I am behind. However, I have talked to others in the office and have been told you never DO feel caught up. The name of the game is prioritizing. I am learning how to do it better, but it's a game I am not quite used to playing yet.

Speaking of playing games, I have been having a great time meeting up with old friends from the Bay Area. I went running with one of them who was about to run her first marathon, I met up with another at First Friday and I had a great time going to the Muse concert with Broski last week. We bought tall beer cans at the corner market and put them in paper bags and pretended we were 17 years old, sneaking around behind the woodshed, drinking stolen beers from our parent's basement refrigerator. Not that I ever did that, but I heard that some people did.

Speaking of beers, this weekend was part of the SF Beer Week (which is still going on through next weekend) where you get a taster sized glass and you get to try a bunch of different kinds of beers in the same place. Also, many of them are beers you would not normally get. They are from smaller, lesser known breweries and are often from out of town. Saturday, I went to the Double IPA Fest with Broski and friends, where the beers and the beards were flowing. Yes, there were a lot of bearded dudes there. I found a new favorite beer Societe Brewing Co's Double IPA and I met the brewer, Doug, who was a nice guy on top of making a great beer. On Sunday, we went to the Sour Beer Fest and found another great beer: the Upright Brewery "Four". 

Let me summarize: Ladies, if you are single and you are looking for a bearded brewer who likes drinking beer, you should go to beer week. It was probably 80% men. Of those, 73% of them were bearded.

Although I haven't been talking about it much, I am also still running a lot. There are a couple of recaps in the works, but let me tell you that Broski was involved again! He is really on a roll folks! Other than that, there has been much training for Boston, running up and down hills, applying sunscreen, doing multiple loads of stinky laundry and plenty of listening to Pandora. My new favorite running station is the Rap Strength Training station. It really gets my feet moving!

So, now that you have had your latte and I have unloaded on you, tell me:

What's new in your life? What did you do over the weekend? What do have planned for the next week?


  1. What a fun idea, my coffee is with a little milk. Fun to read about you, I am going to steal this idea too if you don't mind. Beer week sounds fun unless you aren't in the market for a bearded brewer! But the drinking sounds yum.

  2. So when is the Broski going to run a marathon? ;)

    Sounds like things are going well for you these days! I am envious of your weather. It's been cold, dreary, and snowy here lately! I am SO ready for spring!!

    My weekend was good but a little too full of things to do. I have already reached burn out point with CFA studying and still have 16 weeks lefts, so yah... it needs to be June 1st like tomorrow.

  3. I've missed your frequent posts but completely understand with a new position in the works. I definitely understand the feeling of never being caught up! Happy to hear running is going well too!

  4. I'll take my coffee with just a bit of cream or milk, please. This past weekend was pretty boring, as I needed to spend most of it working. We're having candidates on campus for a position in our department this week so that's adding a lot of events to an already pretty full schedule.

    I'm glad to hear that running is going well!

  5. I wish we lived close enough to grab a cup of coffee together, only we'd have to go somewhere that serves tea or hot cocoa, since I don't drink coffee. Sweets and I were supposed to go to Winterfest, a beer festival event over the weekend. But, neither of us were really feeling it, so we bailed. I probably should've passed our tickets onto some of my single lady friends, eh? hahaha. What's new in my life is I took a fitness class last night involving barbells and weights and now some very sore and happily tired muscles!

  6. Ah, beer fests are fun! And probably great places to meet men. A new job...that sounds exciting right about now.

  7. men, beard, beer. got it. The new position sounds like it's going to be challenging! Very good.

  8. Beer week sounds AMAZING. I'm so jealous.

  9. Dash of cream and some stevia, thank you!

    Beer week--awesome!

    Those blue skies look fantastic.

  10. I would probably opt for an iced coffee. Something sugary! Ha.

    With all these coffee posts going up, I wish I could meet all of you guys for coffee! These virtual coffee dates just make me realize how far away y'all are. ;)

    My life has been fairly mundane lately. Well, aside from meeting a wonderful new guy and buying a car. HA. I guess not so mundane after all! Work and the rest of my life is fairly low-key right now, though. Not much to report!

  11. Ha! I love the idea of a virtual coffee date. (A good friend of mine and I skype over coffee every few months now that we live a million miles apart!)

    I take my coffee with a splash of 1%, hazelnut milk, or whatever creamer-like substance you have available. No sugar.

    As for my weekend... 8 mile run on Saturday morning. I chose my route so I could see the krewes getting ready for the Mardi Gras parade. Then shower. Change. Mardi Gras parade! Sunday I did some volunteer work on the Florida Trail. (I'm still sore!)

    Glad you enjoyed your peppermint mocha! ;)

  12. fun post! I totally agree with you on recommending single girlfriends to check out the beer fests. So easy be meet guys there. When I used to go to GABF (great american beer fest) with my boyfriend (he's an avid home brewer) and while he was off beer tasting - i would get hit on like crazy. And there seem to quite a few (not that I really *noticed*) good looking guys at those events.

    as far as my life - I'm doing some DIY home projects, just bought the coolest steampunk style lamp ever and am painting my living area and reorganizing my kitchen. I might have bit off more than I can chew!

  13. Yay for a coffee date! And seriously, driving over that bridge to work every day sounds awesome!

  14. Love the coffee date idea! Thanks for the catch up in your world.... curious to hear more about your Boston training. I just finished the RRCA test (and passed, yay!) Getting ready to launch health coaching, still piecing together what this will all look like, but I'm enjoying the journey.

  15. I love this post and I love coffee get togethers, virtual or otherwise. I'm sure wishing that many of my favorite bloggers, you included, lived closer! I'm a latte kind of gal- iced in the summer. Beer fest sounds amazing. I'm thinking something like that could be just what I need right now. Wishing our skies were clear and sunny. Winter has gotten old. Life has been 'typical' these days. Just working and schooling and trying to figure out where to go from here. In the meantime, I think I'll just sit back and enjoy my coffee. :)

  16. Love your take on the coffee date :) If we were having coffee right now I would tell you I am feeling so off this week. I was away last weekend eating unhealthy things, not exercising and drinking too much wine and it's thrown my whole week off. I've slept in the last two mornings in a row and I feel like I have SO MUCH to do before I go to Mexico next week and no motivation to do it (here I am reading blogs!) Just an off week for me I suppose.

    I would also tell you I'm jealous of your clear days. We've had so many grey days this summer. I'm very tired of it.


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